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French Related Research Projects in New Zealand- Apply Now!

French Related Research Projects in New Zealand- Apply Now!

Deadline: 30-Jul-21

The Embassy in France is pleased to announce applications for French Related Research Projects to support the attendance or the development of a France-related scientific project or event by a New Zealand-based researcher, student, institution, or association.

Funding Information

Grants will be awarded to support expenses up to $10 000.

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Eligibility Criteria

The proposal must be submitted by a New Zealand based researcher, student, institution or association, in either French or English
The proposal is open to all academic fields (Natural sciences, Humanities and social sciences, Arts).
The project must focus on a France-related scientific project or event (Conference, Summer school, research mission, research campaign).
If the application concerns a research project. The project must start before 2022.
If the application concerns a conference the applicant must be accepted for an oral or poster presentation at the conference. The conference/summer school must be taking place before 2023.
France related project means that either the project is carried out in France, or that a French based researcher or institution participates to the project.
Everything can be budgeted for, except for work time (researchers’ salaries).
Submission Criteria

All applications must include:
The budget form
Bank account details
A one page CV of the applicant
For applications concerning a research mission/campaign:
Description of the project (no template provided, two pages maximum)
For applications concerning participation to a conference:
The abstract submitted to the conference
Letter of acceptance for an oral or poster presentation at the conference
For applications concerning a summer school
Letter of acceptance from the summer school comity

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A short report (two pages Max) must be provided to the Embassy of France in New Zealand by the successful applicant by the end of 2022. The awarded applicant agrees to give an interview (written or filmed) to the press service of the Embassy of France in New Zealand.
During the mission, any (oral or written) presentation must include the logo of the Embassy of France in New Zealand and a verbal acknowledgment to the Embassy of France in New Zealand in the form of a short depiction of their mission and organization.
For more information, visit Embassy in France.

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