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FOMA Charitable Trust Fund: Seeking Applications for Small Grant Program

FOMA Charitable Trust Fund: Seeking Applications for Small Grant Program

Deadline: 15 June 2018

The Friends of Malawi (FOMA) Charitable Trust Fund is seeking applications for its Small Grant Program with an aim to sustainable development and those that promote a degree of self-help within the community.

It helps with the relief of poverty through projects aimed at the improvement of health, education and agriculture and they hope that projects will act as pilots for wider replication. They normally require the promoting organisation to be a registered charity or NGO in Malawi.

The Friends of Malawi Association was formed in 1969 to foster friendship, goodwill and understanding between the people of the United Kingdom and the people of Malawi.

Funding Information

Grants are generally for up to £1,000 in any one year to any one organisation, and for not more than three consecutive years.

A complete small project or a defined component, such as the purchase of equipment or materials, within a larger project. In general, they do not fund general project expenditure as part of a larger consortium nor do we fund day-to-day running costs unless there are special circumstances and the costs are essential to the success of the project. They do not fund individual education sponsorship, salaries, allowances and travel expenses.


Applicants should be aware of the following two important issues:-

  • Safeguarding of children and other vulnerable people or groups: Where the applicant works with children or other vulnerable people or groups the Charity Commission of the UK requires all UK based charities to ensure that adequate provisions are made to safeguard children and other vulnerable persons or groups from harm or abuse.
  • Data Protection Policy: Under the FOMA Data Protection Policy, it is a requirement that they hold sufficient data, such as names and addresses, bank account details and other data to enable us to communicate with applicants as part of their work in making grants.

How to Apply

Proposals may be submitted via email at the address given on the website.

Eligible Countries: Malawi

For more information, please visit FOMA.

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