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Fleming Fund: Seeking Proposals for Pakistan Country Grant

Fleming Fund: Seeking Proposals for Pakistan Country Grant


Deadline: 22 October 2018

Mott MacDonald, the Fleming Fund Management Agent for Country Grants, is seeking proposals from qualified licensed/registered entities in Pakistan to work toward strengthening antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance and response in Pakistan.


Work will be carried out in collaboration with the Government of Pakistan’s Multisectoral Antimicrobial Resistance Control (AMRC) Steering Committee.


The objectives of the grant have been developed and agreed in partnership with the Government of Pakistan. The objectives are to:

  • develop a workplan for AMR and antimicrobial usage (AMU) surveillance in Pakistan
  • strengthen One Health approaches to information sharing on AMR and AMU
  • strengthen AMR and AMU surveillance in the human health sector
  • strengthen AMR and AMU surveillance system in the animal health sector

Funding Information

  • Grant applications are expected to be in the range of £1.5-3 million, including all capital and recurrent costs, overheads and management costs.
  • In the case that there is a future funding round, the tentative range is £4-8 million.
  • This Country Grant is expected to last 18 months.

Grant Eligibility Criteria

Potential grant applicants must satisfy the following eligibility criteria before applications will be assessed in detail. Applicants:

  • Must demonstrate that they are competent organisations responding to this call for proposals
  • Must have an appropriate track-record in supporting laboratory capacity development,surveillance, capacity building, One Health.
  • Must have experience of programme implementation in Pakistan, ideally with linkages within Pakistan’s human health and animal health systems and across different geographies.
  • Must demonstrate that they are registered to work within the country, including the provision of essential documents such as articles of incorporation.
  • Must be prepared to accept the Grant Agreement terms.
  • Must be able to provide the same information and assurances for all sub-grantees, where the application is from a consortium.
  • Should be able to provide all information required for due diligence checks, including clear evidence of financial standing and systems of financial management and control.
  • Should be able to provide evidence of suitability in the form of references from clients and donors for previous work undertaken within the last three years.
  • Can be a single organisation or consortia, though the latter must clearly identify a Lead Grantee with the appropriate governance and coordination mechanisms to manage sub-grantees.
  • Can be:
    • Independent institutes – such as a university or research institutes
    • UN agencies
    • Non-governmental organisations(NGOs)
    • Private companies
    • Government-owned enterprises or institutions, provided they can establish that they are (i) legally and financially autonomous, (ii) operate under commercial law, and (iii) are not dependent agencies of national governments

How to Apply

Prospective grantees must register interest to receive the Application Pack by sending an email at the address given on the website.

Eligible Country: Pakistan

For more information, please visit Pakistan Country Grant.

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