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Expertise France recruits 01 YANHAD Youth Support Project Manager

Expertise France recruits 01 YANHAD Youth Support Project Manager

Expertise France is the French international cooperation agency, with a status of public institution under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and the Ministries for the Economy, Finance and the Recovery. The agency provides partner countries with knowledge skills and management expertise in democratic and financial governance, security, sustainable development, and human development. Through its work in partner countries, the agency promotes French and European development policy goals.

Expertise France is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic Project Manager for its “YANHAD” Youth support project in Iraq. The project’s objective is to foster Youth participation in the socio-economic life of the Nineveh province to support stabilisation and post-crisis recovery, through increased civic engagement in local civil society and improved access to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Based in Erbil, with travel to Mosul, Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah, the Yanhad Project Manager will be responsible and accountable for overall project coordination and implementation. The PM will work under the direct supervision of EF’s Programme Director in Erbil and in coordination with the HQ-based portfolio manager, as well as with other EF operational departments at field and headquarters levels.

Context and Background

Three years after the defeat of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq, the country is still painfully recovering from the aftermath of its brutal and ruthless occupation, in particular in Mosul City and in the Nineveh governorate. Although major efforts are underway to rebuild the country and jumpstart local economies, significant barriers to stabilisation endure, including security concerns, fear and trauma, lack of social cohesion and lack of livelihoods opporunities, in particular for the Youth.

The present project is aimed at fostering Youth involvement in the stabilisation process through increased civic engagement and economic empowerment. By promoting active participation of Youth in all spheres of society, EF will support the capacity development of young people and youth-led organizations as key actors of change, social cohesion and socio-economic recovery.

Through this program, EF will promote opportunities for Iraqi youth to constructively engage in addressing social problems within their communities by creating a strategic link between local NGO, Mosul University Career Centers and local business incubators. Promoting youth engagement in local civil society and fostering dialogues with local authorities, the project will enable youth to better engage local decision-makers to meet their expectations and reinforce the bond of trust between government and population. Revitalising academic, social, and cultural life on the campus of the University of Mosul – the largest in Northern Iraq – the project will help restore the universities’ central role in producing knowledge and sharing ideas locally and nationally whilst fostering a counter-narrative that can weaken the ideology ISIS inculcated into society before and during the occupation. By fostering job creation and providing livelihoods for young people in Baghdad, Mosul and KRG, the Action will contribute to redress the impact of the current crisis and prevent future crises.

This 24-month project is composed of three main components:

  1.  Support Mosul and Niniveh university students’ transition to working life :
  • Improving students’ access to more efficient career guidance services;
  • Encouraging the emergence of opportunities for professional work experience, employment, and civic engagement;
  • Extending partnership between Mosul and Nineveh Universities and a major institution for adult education (CNAM).

The project supports these Universities’ ability to promote knowledge sharing, intercommunity dialogue, social cohesion and tolerance, thus contributing to the intellectual and moral revival of Mosul and Nineveh, both deeply affected by socio-economic crisis.

  1.  Foster youth civic engagement:
  • Educating young people on civic engagement with local CSOs to positively contribute to stabilisation within conflict-affected communities;
  • Reinforcing the capacities of local CSOs to participate in stabilisation efforts, whilst providing civic engagement opportunities for the youth;
  • Engaging youth through Iraqi CSOs in community service projects and fostering dialogue with local authorities.
  1.  Promote youth entrepreneurship & economic empowerment:
  • Encouraging young entrepreneurs through a network of accessible two business incubators and one accelerator programs for start-ups in Mosul, Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah;
  • Promoting an entrepreneurship culture through events, pitch contests and networking sessions;
  • Engaging the private sector to support youth entrepreneurship through exchange of best practices and networking.

This component is implemented in partnership with the American University of Sulaymaniyah and The Station’s incubators of Baghdad and Mosul.


Key responsibilities include:

  1.  Project management
  • Overall Yanhad project management responsibility ensuring timely and quality project delivery
  • Plan, implement and monitor activities in regard to EF’s activities in Iraq.
  • Co-ordinate and work with relevant state-level government authorities, local government institutions, non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations and local communities in order to ensure the smooth execution of programme activities.
  • Oversee the roll-out of EF’ partners activities throughout northern Iraq, in accordance with grant agreements;
  • Monitor and advise field staff and partners in project delivery.
  • In association with support staff, carry out budget monitoring on a regular basis, including compliance with minimum EF and donor requirements
  • Keep the Programme Director informed at all times of programmatic updates and potential fundraising / project ideas and initiatives.
  • Ensure the M&E system is in place.
  1.  Team Management
  • Provide strong leadership to the project, with oversight and management of field staff (in particular University, Youth Empowerment), M&E staff and any other expert or consultant executing EF programming in Iraq.
  • Manage a team of programme officers based in Irbil and maintain good and efficient work conditions in order to meet programme objectives.
  1.  Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
  • Implement planning and operational and budgetary monitoring tools to analyse (1) the real-time progress of activities, including cross-functional activities such as recruitment, reporting, management, etc.; (2) achievement of logical-framework indicators; and (3) budget expenditures and running balance.
  • Develop and maintain a database of beneficiaries in order to collect and compile detailed information about organisations and individuals supported by the project.
  • Provide general supervision and ensure the monitoring of project implementation with the partners.
  • Continuously monitor and develop relevant accountability initiatives in the field as well as strengthen the effort to document the impact of EF activities.
  • Support internal and external evaluations focusing on overall achievements of objectives, key recommendations for ensuring sustainability, lessons learned and ideas for future interventions.
  1.  Reporting
  • Ensure proper and timely narrative donor reporting in compliance with internal and external reporting requirements.
  • Regular reporting to EF Programme Director and headquarters on project progress as required (monthly situation reports).

Experience / Training

  • Relevant university degree (eg. Political or social science, international development, community development);
  • A minimum of 7 years of proven experience in operational management of emergency/humanitarian programmes and or stabilization in crisis countries, with a minimum of 3 years in a similar project management position;
  • Proven experience in engaging with national authorities and donors. Capacity to advocate, liaise and coordinate with various actors.
  • Proven capacity in team management and ability to ensure their safety (security management);
  • Good command of programme and project management life cycle including strategic planning, development, management, monitoring and evaluation. Experience in the management of integrated multisector projects would be an asset.
  • Experience in administrative, financial and logistics management.
  • Good working knowledge of European Commission procedures required. Good knowledge of other donors’ procedures is an asset (French MoFA, DFID, JICA, etc)
  • Experience setting up remote project management systems and procedures;
  • Proven ability to cooperate and negotiate with local and institutional partners as well as government representatives. Politically and culturally sensitive with qualities of patience, tact and diplomacy;
  • Excellent communication skills ability to adapt to a diverse multicultural environment;
  • Excellent command of English (oral and written). Knowledge of Arabic, Kurdish or French would be an asset;
  • Previous work experience in Iraq/Middle East would be an asset.


1-year renewable contract

How to apply

Applications should be made in English on the Agency website (CV and motivation letter)

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