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Embassy of Czech Republic in Belgrade: Small Local Projects in 2021

Embassy of Czech Republic in Belgrade: Small Local Projects in 2021

Deadline: 30-Sep-20

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Belgrade is seeking project proposals for its Small Local Projects in 2021. These projects are complementary to the projects implemented by the Czech Development Agency (CzDA), and represent an important component of the Czech Foreign Development Cooperation.

1000 new grants and donors
The projects should be directed to the sectors of health, education and education, environmental protection, as well as the support marginalized groups.

Funding Information

Funds provided by the Embassy of the Czech Republic for each project range between CZK 200,000 up to a maximum limit of CZK 500,000.
Eligibility Criteria

View and receiving grant information
Applicants can be non-governmental organizations, institutions of public administration and self-government (municipal, provincial, republic), academic, cultural, social and health institutions, etc.
The applicant cannot be a central state administration body.
Donations are not intended to encourage entrepreneurship.
The application is completed in English and submitted to the Embassy for further consideration.
Only applications with an adequately and completely completed form certified and signed by an authorized person will be considered.
Along with the form, it is necessary to send a document authorizing the appointed representative to represent the project applicant.
If the applicant is not a state institution, a copy of the document confirming that the applicant is a legal entity shall be attached.
Apart from the completed application form and the listed documents, do not send any other attachments.
For more information, visit https://www.mzv.cz/belgrade/sr/spoljna_razvojna_i_transformaciona/poziv_za_pod

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