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DLGSC invites for Connecting to Country Program (Australia)

DLGSC invites for Connecting to Country Program (Australia)

Deadline: 27-Oct-20

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) is encouraging aspirants for Connecting to Country Program to support projects that enable Western Australian Aboriginal people and organizations to undertake on Country trips that foster the intergenerational transfer of knowledge, preservation of culture and strengthening of communities.

Seed Grants
They majorily focus on enabling dynamic and inclusive communities and support the WA economy through effective regulation and the facilitation of outstanding sporting and cultural experiences and opportunities.

Funding distributed through Connecting to Country is intended to achieve the following objectives:

facilitate sharing of cultural knowledge and skills between generations, such as preservation of language, stories and dance;
recognize Aboriginal cultural leadership within the Aboriginal community and support leadership development in young people;
contribute to stronger community mental health and wellbeing and;
promote traditional ways of maintaining cultural knowledge.
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Connecting to Country: Up to $25,000.
Eligibility Criteria

Applications are open to Aboriginal communities across Western Australia; or Western Australian groups that work with Aboriginal people in community, who can demonstrate strong Aboriginal governance and leadership in their application.

These may include:

Western Australian Aboriginal organizations, including art, language, media, cultural, youth, ranger and other community groups (men’s/women’s groups);
education and health service providers;
WA local government authorities.
Where a non-Aboriginal organization is the applicant or project lead, evidence of significant Aboriginal involvement in the project, including concept planning, development of the work, decision-making and management is required.

Ineligibility Criteria

You will make your application ineligible if you:

do not adhere to support material limits and format requirements;
start the activity before the eligible start date;
submit a late application;
have any key personnel with an overdue acquittal;
are a staff member of the department (staff of portfolio organizations may apply subject to meeting the Code of Conduct and Secondary Employment Policy);
request funding that exceeds the funding cap of the program;
apply for activity that is delivered as part of an educational institution’s curriculum or will be academically assessed;
are a portfolio organization of the department;
are not a Western Australian group, organization or individual.
What can I apply for?

Connecting to Country supports a wide range of activities that enable Aboriginal people across Western Australia to renew links between their communities, Country and culture.

These may include, but are not limited to:

activities to improve understanding of Country, ancestry and kinship connections;
travel to culturally significant places to connect with traditional and contemporary knowledge
a bush trip to facilitate the transfer of Aboriginal cultural knowledge and skills from older to younger generations;
youth diversionary projects focused on reconnecting to Country, culture and identity;
activities that promote positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience through community led cultural healing projects;
opportunities to engage with language and stories about places and experiences;
projects that focus on women’s or men’s business;
activities to document, preserve and archive stories or cultural knowledge for access by future generations such as digitization or transcription of oral histories.
What can’t I apply for?

Purchase of capital equipment including instruments, equipment, software, computers, tablets (iPads) and/or uniforms;
Capital works such as construction or purchasing of studios, work spaces or gallery spaces;
Activities already funded by Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries’ culture and the arts grant programs;
Activities relating to radio broadcasting;
Costs of manufacturing and/or producing prototypes;
Fundraising, competitions, prizes and trophies;
The work of State or Federal government departments;
Activities related to an individual’s membership in a national organization;
Ongoing staffing costs.
For more information, visit https://www.dlgsc.wa.gov.au/funding/arts-funding/connecting-to-country

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