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Digital Xtra Fund: Round VI (2021/22) Grant Awards – UK

Digital Xtra Fund: Round VI (2021/22) Grant Awards – UK

Deadline: 22-Apr-21

The Digital Xtra Fund is inviting applications for its Round VI (2021/22) Grant Awards programme to help educators inspire young people in computing and technology through exciting and engaging extracurricular activities.

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The goal of Digital Xtra Fund is for every young person in Scotland to have access to innovative and creative digital-making activities regardless of gender, background, or where they live, while also providing a clearer understanding of the types and range of careers in tech.


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The Core Objective of Digital Xtra Fund is to:
Inspire young people to learn digital technologies skills through high quality, exciting extracurricular activities, thus expanding the talent pipeline of young people who study technology-related disciplines and ultimately pursue a career in digital technologies.
Primary Objectives:
Increase the overall number of young people learning digital tech skills across Scotland.
Increase diversity and inclusion of young people learning digital tech skills especially among:
audiences from areas often excluded from digital tech activities through lack of local resources or geography (i.e. areas of high deprivation and/or rural isolation).
groups underrepresented in the digital technologies sector (i.e. girls and young women and/or minority groups).
Increase engagement with the industry to better contextualize the skills being learned.
Promote digital technologies as an attractive career path including highlighting the breadth of careers in digital technologies.
Secondary Objectives:
Increase number of young people studying computing science and digital technologies related courses in school.
Increase the number of educational establishments and organisations delivering digital technologies-related activities.
Seek to develop confidence, self-esteem, leadership, and employability skills amongst young people.
Dispel negative perceptions about digital technologies activities and careers.
Funding Information

Round VI (2021/22) will see up to £75,000 worth of grant awards awarded to high-quality, exciting extracurricular digital technologies activities across Scotland.
Eligible organisations can apply for grants from a minimum of £500 to a maximum of £5,000.
Applications over the £5,000 maximum are not eligible and therefore will not be considered.
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a grant award, applicants must meet the following criteria:
Main Applicant is a UK registered company, UK registered charity, chartered body, local authority, school, college, or university actively involved in the provision of computing education and/or digital technologies related activities for young people.
The proposed initiative meets the Core Objective of the Digital Xtra Fund.
The grant requested is between £500 and £5,000.
The proposed initiative is an ‘extracurricular activity’.
The primary audience are young people aged 16 years and under.
The proposed initiative will commence after 1 July 2021 and be completed by 30 June 2022
The proposed initiative will be delivered entirely in Scotland
Applicants who have previously received a Digital Xtra Fund grant award may apply again provided a newly completed application is submitted. This includes both funding for a new activity or for an activity previously supported by Digital Xtra Fund which is being developed further or will significantly increase overall capacity beyond what has already been achieved. Previously supported initiatives that are projected to achieve the same Targets and Outcomes as previous years will not be considered.
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