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Democracy Plus has Launched 2020 Community Collaboration- Kosovo

Democracy Plus has Launched 2020 Community Collaboration- Kosovo

Deadline: 21-Oct-20

The Democracy Plus (D +) has launched proposals for the 2020 Community Collaboration Activity to promote the accountability of local governance and building greater community-level social cohesion in Kosovo municipalities.

Seed Grants
Community Collaboration Activity (CCA) is seeking grant applications that contribute to the following two objectives:

Increased citizen involvement in identifying and addressing local community challenges of under-represented groups particularly: women, youth, and non-majority communities; and
Improved multiethnic collaboration on shared community issues and improved collaboration of citizens of various ethnic backgrounds with their respective local governments.

Outcome 1: Greater citizen involvement in identifying and solving local community challenges (with a special focus on women, youth and other underrepresented citizens);
Outcome 2: Enhanced multiethnic collaboration around community issues in the Kosovo context;
Outcome 3: Better collaboration between citizens and municipal governments;
Outcome 4: Improved citizen satisfaction with performance of their municipalities.
Funding Information

CCA anticipates to issue two rounds of applications for small grants. During the first round, CCA will award up to five (5) grants under contract with a value of minimum $5,000 and maximum $15,000, negotiated based on the scope of the activity proposed by the grantee.
The project implementation can last for a maximum of 10 months.
Place of Performance

Grants under contract can be implemented across the entirety of Kosovo, cross-municipal initiatives are encouraged.
Eligibility Criteria

Local Youth Advisory Councils, regionally based NGOs, community-based and issue-based groups, private sector entities, civil society organizations, and media organizations. The recipients must be legally registered entities. Municipal government entities and other public institutions (e.g. public schools, hospitals, universities) cannot receive the GUCs directly, but the entities applying for the GUCs are strongly encouraged to involve them as partners. For the purposes of project grant solicitations “local entity” or local for profit and nonprofit organizations must:

Be organized under the laws of Kosovo;
Have its principal place of business in Kosovo;
Be majority owned by individuals who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of Kosovo or be managed by a governing body, the majority of whom are citizens or lawful permanent residents of Kosovo; and
Not be controlled by a foreign entity or by an individual or individuals who are not citizens or permanent residents of Kosovo (“controlled by” means a majority ownership or beneficiary interest as defined above, or the power, either directly or indirectly, whether exercised or exercisable, to control the election, appointment, or tenure of the organization’s managers or a majority of the organization’s governing body by any means, e.g., ownership, contract, or operation of law).
Grantees’ annual budget in the past financial year does not exceed €50,000.
Ineligible Organizations

CCA Grants under Contract will not be extended to the following:

Any entity that has been found to have misused USAID funds in the past (unless specifically approved by the CO). Political parties, groupings, or institutions or their subsidiaries and affiliates.
Organizations that advocate, promote, or espouse anti-democratic policies or illegal activities.
Faith-based organizations whose objectives are for discriminatory and religious purposes, and whose main objective for the grant is of a religious nature.
Any entity included in any supplementary information concerning prohibited individuals or entities that may be provided by USAID.
Any entity whose name appears in the System for Award Management (SAM) – www.sam.gov.
An organization that refuses to sign the required certifications.
For more information, visit https://dplus.org/en/grantet/

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