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David East Fund in the UK

David East Fund in the UK

Deadline: Ongoing Opportunity

Applications are now open for the David East Fund to support people in Birmingham.

The David East Fund has been established to support not for profit organisations in Birmingham tackling disadvantage through community initiatives.

The fund aims to support people in Birmingham. Applications must meet one of the following aims:

Projects that support local community activity addressing homelessness
Projects that support families living in disadvantage
Projects that support general community activity that makes a difference to people’s lives
Funding Information
There’s grant of up to £2,000 for organisations in Birmingham. Funding must be spent within 1 year.

What will they support?
Start-up costs for a new project or organisation
To extend or develop an existing project
For pilot project (to gather research or evidence)
To purchase equipment or resources
Eligibility Criteria
You can apply to this fund if you are one of the following:
Registered charities
Constituted Community groups
Additionally, your organisation/company income level must be equal to or less than £500,000, as shown in your most recent annual accounts.
They do not fund:
Direct replacement of statutory obligation and public funding
Promotion of religious or political activities
Groups with significant financial free reserves
Retrospective grants
Contribution to endowment fund, payment of deficit funding or repayment of loans
National charities
Overseas travel or expeditions
Medical research and equipment for statutory or private healthcare
General appeals
Animal welfare, unless the project benefits people (e.g. disabled riding schemes)
Statutory work in educational institutions
Sponsored or fundraising events or groups raising funds to distribute to other causes
Schools, Churches, Parish Councils or PTA’s unless community benefit is demonstrated
Boxing clubs or associated organisations
For more information, visit https://www.heartofenglandcf.co.uk/the-david-east-fund/

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