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Creative New Zealand Arts Grants: Encouraging Innovation & Development of Arts

Creative New Zealand Arts Grants: Encouraging Innovation & Development of Arts

Deadline: 23-Oct-20

Creative New Zealand is seeking applications for its Arts Grants program to offer short-term project funding for New Zealand artists, arts practitioners, and arts organizations (including groups and collectives). This funding enables more sustainable careers, encourages innovation and the development of art practice, and provides opportunities for diverse communities to access the arts.

Seed Grants
Creative New Zealand encourages, promotes, and supports the arts in New Zealand for the benefit of all New Zealanders through funding, capability building, international program, and advocacy.


Art Grants program purposes:

More sustainable careers for individual artists and arts practitioners.
Development of arts practice.
Innovation in New Zealand arts.
Opportunities for diverse communities to access and participate in high-quality arts experiences.
Funding Information

The minimum amount, applicants can apply for is $5,000.
The maximum amount, applicants apply for is $75,000 but lower limits apply to some activities.

New Zealanders participate in the arts.
High-quality New Zealand art is developed.
New Zealanders experience high-quality arts.
New Zealand arts gain international success.
New Zealand’s arts sector is resilient.
Eligibility Criteria

Individuals who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.
New Zealand-based organizations (including groups and collectives).
International arts organizations, but the application must show direct benefit to New Zealand arts.
To apply to the Maori arts funding pool:
individuals must be Tangata Whenua Maori or proposed project must be managed or directed by Maori.
organizations must be Maori-led. If an organization is applying for funding on behalf of an individual, that person must also be Maori.
To apply to the Pacific arts funding pool – whether the applicant is an individual or organization:
must be a New Zealand citizen or New Zealand, permanent resident.
the project must align to Pacific Arts Strategy, and Kaupapa Pasifika must be evident in the practice of the project.
non-Pacific individuals and organizations are eligible, but the project must deliver outcomes to Pacific art.
How to Apply

Register or log in to the portal to start your application for Arts Grants.
Select the Arts Grants round that you wish to apply for.
Read the Funding guidelines.
Prepare a budget. Read and watch videos about budgets at Funding guidelines – standard project budget template.
Gather support material. Read the Funding guidelines – support material.
Decide whether you want your application assessed in the General arts, Ngā toi Māori or Pacific arts funding pools. Read the Funding guidelines – Arts Grants funding types for information to help you choose.
Complete each question in the portal application form.
Submit your application online by 1 pm on the closing date (earlier if you can). If the maximum 200 applications has already been reached, you won’t have the option to submit your application but you will be able to cut and paste your material into a new application for another round (already open or when it opens).

What they assess your application on?

External peer assessors will assess your application using the following criteria.

Is it a strong idea? they look for the following indicators:
The artistic aims are clearly expressed.
The idea is compelling.
The artistic outcome and/or participant experience is likely to be of high quality.
Can it be achieved? they look for the following indicators:
The process to achieve the idea is realistic and well planned.
The budget is thorough and accurate and considers fair remuneration for practitioners.
The people involved have sufficient experience to deliver this project.
Strategic fit
Does it deliver to Creative New Zealand outcomes? they look for the following indicators:
The project delivers to the selected strategic outcome.
The project delivers to the selected Arts Grants program purpose(s).
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