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Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery Program (Australia)

Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery Program (Australia)

Deadline: 19-Oct-20

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) and Lotterywest are seeking applications for its Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery Program to provide funding for artist-in-residence projects that engage communities and are delivered in partnership with artists and either a local government authority, local school, or community group.

Seed Grants
The program encourages community connection through local initiatives that strengthen community wellbeing and encourage people to reconnect after a period of physical distancing.


The program prioritizes projects that engage children and their families, and young people in communities who:

are experiencing high levels of social, health, and/or economic impacts due to COVID-19;
have limited or low access to arts and cultural programs;
are located in regional or remote Western Australia;
reflect the diversity of the State.

The Creative Communities – Collaboration category provides for significant partnerships that connect professional artists and arts organizations with community participants and other key partners to deliver a co-designed artist-in-residency project.

The objectives of the program are to:

engage children and their families, and young people in arts activity that delivers artistic, cultural, and social outcomes for that community;
increase participation in, access to, and connection with arts and culture activities for Western Australian communities;
increase the activation of key community cultural facilities (such as performing arts centers, galleries, and libraries);
provide opportunities for communities affected by COVID-19 to engage with and express their culture and experiences;
create authentic, distinctive, and valued creative artworks that help tell Western Australian stories
support local collaborative partnerships to ensure an enduring legacy of arts engagement and participation in the community;
increase employment opportunities for Western Australian artists and creative practitioners.
Funding Category

The Creative Communities – Collaboration category provides for significant, collaborative artist-in-residence projects that run for a minimum of 10 weeks.
Funding Information

The Creative Communities – Collaboration grants are up to $80,000 each.
Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must be the host organization who is managing the project. Individuals, groups, and organizations are welcome to apply, however:

individuals must have Australian citizenship or permanent resident status and groups including unincorporated bodies, partnerships, and individuals informally collaborating on an activity must be based in Australia;
organizations must either be registered under the law (e.g. incorporated association, a company limited by guarantee) or created by law (e.g. school or government statutory authority);
organizations applying from outside WA will need to have a WA based branch and demonstrate the benefits to WA communities and WA artists, creatives, arts or cultural workers in the application;
WA educational institutions (limited to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools) can apply but not for curriculum-based arts activity. The artist/s can work with the students and teacher, using their own work, ideas, and skills as the catalysts for students’ own creative explorations;
if you are applying on behalf of Aboriginal people you must provide evidence of significant Aboriginal involvement in the conception, development of, and participation in the activity.

The DLGSC, along with project partners Pracsys Economics and the Intelligence Agency in the UK, developed Culture Counts to collect and measure standardized arts participation metrics from organizations, their peers, audiences, and participants by interviews and online through mobile devices or computers.
Culture Counts is available to applicants through this program. Successful applicants will be supported by DLGSC to integrate the specified Culture Counts metrics into the participant assessment feedback on their project. Participants do not need to access the Culture Counts system to provide their feedback. It can be gathered via other non-digital means which applicants can then enter into the system later.
The data collected will be collated and analyzed in aggregate form to communicate the outcomes of the program. This data will not identify individuals, organizations, or events and will be made available to the public in a non-identified form only.
Additional financial support will be provided to successful applicants to assist them to undertake the data collection requirements of this program.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2GcoPYS

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