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Creating a Digital Platform for U.S.-Ukraine Cultural and Civic Actor Collaboration

Creating a Digital Platform for U.S.-Ukraine Cultural and Civic Actor Collaboration

Deadline: 5-Jul-21

The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, of the U.S. Department of State has announced an open competition for organizations to submit applications to design a digital platform through which American and Ukrainian cultural and civic actors can initiate and plan collaborative activities.

The U.S. Embassy Kyiv Public Diplomacy Section (PDS) seeks to address this issue by inviting not-for-profit, nongovernmental organizations to create a digital platform through which Ukrainian and American cultural and civic actors can initiate and plan collaborative activities.

In addition to building networks within the cultural and civic sectors, this platform will introduce Ukrainians to American institutions, values, and best practices, which Ukrainian participants will then be able to apply in their own work.

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Funding Information
Funding Floor: $75,000
Funding Ceiling: $100,000
Total Amount Available: $100,000
Program Performance Period: Proposed programs should be completed in one year or less.
Part 1: Creation of Digital Collaboration Platform – Recipient organizations will be responsible for creating a free-to-access portal through which Ukrainian and American cultural and civic actors can initiate and plan collaborative activities. The portal should allow Ukrainian and American cultural and civic actors to post collaborative project ideas that other users registered in the portal can join. Projects can be short- or longterm. For instance, a Ukrainian music group could post a request for an American songwriter to assist with English-language lyrics, or an American NGO could post a request for a Ukrainian anti-corruption activist to participate in a conference on accountable governance.
The portal should have the following features:
Registration requirement before individuals or organizations can post project ideas.
Search feature so that registered individuals and organizations can find projects in their fields.
Limits on the number of project ideas an individual or organization can have active at one time.
Accessibility in Ukrainian and English, with Russian as an extra option if the budget allows. Note: Whereas all website navigation and instructions should be available in both languages, project summaries should be posted in English only to ensure nonUkrainian speakers can understand the scope of activity.
Requirements to post for each project idea the following: a short description of the project, a short description of the request/what the posting individual or organization is looking for, preferred dates for the project, estimated budget costs, plan for covering costs.
Requirements for individuals or organizations inquiring about a project idea to complete a brief form outlining their qualifications and rationale for joining a particular project.
Mechanisms through which registered users can connect with one another within the portal, i.e., without sharing contact information unless desired. Note: Posting individuals and organizations should be able to accept or decline contact based on the information in the form described in the previous bullet.
Mechanisms for monitoring the portal for inappropriate, illegal, and ineligible content.
Mechanisms for ensuring posts are up-to-date and current.
Mechanisms for posting individuals and organizations to fundraise for their projects. Note: Although some of the funds from this grant must be directed toward project support, applying organizations must outline plans to solicit project funding from other institutions – whether in Ukraine, the United States, or elsewhere.
Gallery of success stories that participating individuals and organizations can submit after projects finish.
The portal should accept projects in the following fields:
visual arts
performing arts
museum and gallery projects
art residencies
creative industries
civic activism
urban design
environmental protection
business and economics
Part 2: Maintenance of Digital Platform – Applying organizations should outline plans to maintain the portal with all its features for at least one year from the start of the project performance period. Recipient organizations will also be responsible for recruiting U.S. and Ukrainian individuals and organizations to register and submit project ideas, and the recipient organization will be responsible for assisting to facilitate connections. Proposal plans must reflect these responsibilities.
Part 3: Subgrants to Registered Individuals and Organizations – In collaboration with PDS Kyiv, applying organizations should be prepared to issue subgrants to registered individuals and organizations who find matches for their project ideas. Projects funded through this grant must clearly relate to one or more of the U.S. Embassy strategic priorities below:
Promoting U.S.-Ukraine educational, scientific, business, or cultural ties
Advancing democratic reforms, including as related to anti-corruption, rule of law, and civil society
Deepening Ukrainians’ understanding of American culture and values
Advancing economic reforms, including as related to corporate governance, business development, and energy security
Eligibility Criteria

The following organizations are eligible to apply:
Not-for-profit, nongovernmental organizations – there are no location restrictions, though organizations should be familiar with the Ukrainian context.
For more information, visit https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=333682

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