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COVID-19 Response Fund in the United Kingdom

COVID-19 Response Fund in the United Kingdom

Deadline: Ongoing

Are you applying for funding to support a nationally important heritage asset in the UK? Is the heritage asset at risk due to the impact of the COVID-19? Have you explored all other sources of funding? Will the heritage asset be publicly accessible if you secure NHMF funding? Are you a not-for-profit organisation? If yes, then apply for this COVID-19 Response Fund.

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Funding Streams
This funding stream offers project grants to support any heritage asset which is:
of outstanding importance to the national heritage
at risk due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19)
Funding Information
A total of £40million is being distributed by National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF), made up of two lots of £20m:
NHMF has made a commitment of £20m, which is available to applicants from across the UK.
A £20m Cultural Assets Fund has been made available by DCMS as part of the government’s wider Culture Recovery Fund. This funding will safeguard nationally important heritage assets within England.
What can be funded?
NHMF can support any heritage asset which is of outstanding importance to the national heritage and at risk due to the impact of COVID-19, through a project grant.
Examples include:
works of fine and decorative art
museum collections
items of industrial, transport and maritime heritage
historic buildings and land
NHMF can fund a range of costs in order to safeguard the heritage asset which is at risk. These include:
acquisition/purchase costs, including associated professional fees
transport costs, including conservation standard handling and packing for collections or heavy lift/transport costs for large items/historic vehicles
interim storage costs and investment in new permanent storage capacity
urgent conservation work necessary due to COVID-19 impact and investment to resolve maintenance backlog/deficit, collection care costs
condition surveys, cataloguing, management and conservation planning
professional fees, including legal and other fees to support asset transfer
ownership transition costs; fixed term support to enable sustainable rehoming of heritage asset
organisational development costs to support asset transfer; skills development/capacity building, business review and business planning support
Eligibility Criteria
not-for-profit organisations, for example voluntary groups, trusts, social enterprises and community interest companies
public sector organisations
For more information, visit https://www.nhmf.org.uk/funding/covid-19-response-fund

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