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Contributions Program 2022-23 in Canada

Contributions Program 2022-23 in Canada

Deadline: 9-Feb-22

Applications are now open for the Contributions Program 2022-23 that is designed to help applicants prepare a project proposal for funding under the Contributions Program of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC).

The program’s objectives are to:

Strengthen existing privacy research capacity in academic and not-for-profit sectors
Generate new knowledge and support the development of expertise in selected areas of privacy and data protection
Increase awareness and understanding among individuals and organizations across Canada of their privacy rights and obligations
Promote uptake and application of research results by relevant stakeholders
This year’s theme: “Who is impacted and how: assessing and mitigating privacy risks, barriers and inequalities”

This year, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is interested in research on the differential impacts of privacy challenges on diverse groups of people. They recognize that privacy issues may impact people differently. They are interested in better understanding the range of privacy-related experiences, barriers and inequalities that individuals and groups of people face. They are also interested in learning about potential methods for mitigating privacy risks and strategies to reduce privacy-related inequalities.

Funding Information
The maximum budget for the present call is $500,000.
The maximum amount that applicants may request and that can be awarded to a single research or public education project or knowledge translation initiative is $50,000.
The maximum amount that can be allocated to any single recipient organization is $100,000.
Eligibility Criteria
Only not-for-profit organizations – including consumer, voluntary and advocacy organizations, educational institutions, and industry & trade associations – are eligible for funding.

For profit organizations
Political parties and organizations involved in partisan political activity
Current or former public office holders or public servants who are not in compliance with the Conflict of Interest Act, the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service, the Lobbying Act, or any other relevant guidelines, principles or codes relating to conflict of interest or post-employment
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3FpVZxc

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