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Community Foundation Northern Ireland seeks Applications Small Grants

Community Foundation Northern Ireland seeks Applications Small Grants

Deadline: 09-Oct-20

The Community Foundation Northern Ireland is seeking applications from locally based community groups and locally based ‘communities of interest’ for its Social Justice Small Grants Programme with an interest in promoting or embedding human rights and social justice in their day to day work for and with their chosen communities.


Applications must demonstrate that their proposal will contribute to at least one of the following objectives:

Increase awareness of and contribute to building a culture of rights within and between communities, particularly those most marginalized from decision making
Support communities and marginalized groups to find solutions to contentious issues
Strengthen local capacity to advocate by building relationships/connections between communities, policy makers, politicians and funders
Project Ideas

Developing Community Charter
Rights/Culture/Identity Projects
“Benefit Take Up” Campaigns
Anti-Poverty Initiatives
Projects which contribute to Peace Building
Funding Information

Up to a max of £5,000 per annum. An additional £1k to £1.5k Mentor support will also be provided. It will be a condition of the award that work with a Mentor in the development of project and issue(s).
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for consideration for grant, the applicant groups must:
Be constituted and based in Northern Ireland or working towards being constituted
Have an active committee and bank account
Maintain financial records and present accounts to AGM
Provide minutes of committee meetings
Have at least three cheque signatories who are unrelated
Have an income of £250k or less
The Foundation will not fund organisations or activities which promote causes that are contrary to the purposes.
In Addition the foundation will not fund:
Activities that duplicate existing services
Retrospective funding
Capital builds projects or large equipment purchases
Promotion of religion
Dinners, fund-raising promotions or other ticketed events
Party political activity
Substitution for statutory funding
Projects where the Foundation’s contribution is a minor part of a larger funded initiative
Initiatives that involve redistributing the funding as small grants
Organisations that did not comply with reporting requirements of previous grant aid;
International trips
Sole Traders or Private Business/Companies
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