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CJI/Internews: Grants for Press in Support of Democracy, Inclusion and Accountability in Moldova

CJI/Internews: Grants for Press in Support of Democracy, Inclusion and Accountability in Moldova

Deadline: 6 July 2018

The Center for Independent Journalism (CJI), in partnership with Internews in Moldova, has announced the second grant competition under the program “Press in Support of Democracy, Inclusion and Accountability in Moldova” (MEDIA-M) for campaigning against disinformation and media propaganda.

In order to mitigate the impact of propaganda and manipulative information disseminated by the media and to contribute to the development of critical thinking of Moldovan citizens, the CJI encourages media institutions and NGOs to produce and promote content that reveals misinformation and explains how the phenomenon of propaganda.

Scope of Activities

Eligible initiatives can be:

  • journalistic materials that present and / or analyze deliberately false or misleading threads from foreign sources;
  • short videos showing specific examples of information manipulation and propaganda, helping media consumers understand where and how misinformation / manipulation techniques have been used, but also the motivations behind them;
  • Practical guides in the form of video / audio / animation videos from which users learn how to detect manipulation and propaganda techniques;

Grant Information

CJI will award two grants of USD 5,000 each to support the production and promotion of content to disclose misinformation and exposure to propaganda through an open competition for the media and NGOs.

Project Duration

Projects are to be implemented between 1 September 2018 and 28 February 2019 and the grants obtained must be consumed within this time frame.

Eligibility Criteria

The Grant Program is open to all media institutions and NGOs that meet the following criteria:

  • To respect ethical and professional standards, to have a good reputation and an independent editorial policy (for media institutions);
  • Demonstrate a successful experience of cooperating with non-governmental organizations and / or civil society activists (if any);
  • To be able to meet all requirements and reporting deadlines;
  • Projects with media content in Romanian and Russian are eligible.

How to Apply

  • The files must include the following information:
    • An overview of the applicant using the standard project proposal form ;
    • CVs of team members;
    • Budget planned for the implementation of the initiative, including wage costs
  • The files should be submitted via email at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit MEDIA-M.

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