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City of Unley’s Community Grant COVID-19 Response Program (Australia)

City of Unley’s Community Grant COVID-19 Response Program (Australia)

Deadline: 30-Sep-20

The City of Unley is inviting community groups and organizations to apply for Community Grant COVID-19 Response Program to encourage and support community initiatives that respond to local needs, enhance community wellbeing and quality of life, and are of benefit to the residents.

1000 new grants and donors
In the September 2020 round, emphasis will be placed on supporting initiatives that assist the community to respond and recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 situation. Applicants will need to demonstrate how their project will address the impact of COVID-19 by contributing to positive physical, social, and mental wellbeing outcomes.

This may include supporting:

Community groups and organizations adversely impacted by COVID-19 to adapt and modify programs and approaches in response to changing community need and Government restrictions
Initiatives that support community members significantly impacted by the COVID-19 situation (e.g. vulnerable groups and those experiencing increased social isolation)
Initiatives that strengthen community connection and resilience.
Focus Areas

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Art and Culture
Funding Information

Grant funding of up to a maximum of $4,000 is available.
Eligibility Criteria

Applications will be considered from not-for-profit community groups, organizations and individuals. However, please note that individuals may only apply under the auspice of a not-for-profit community group or organization.
Applicant organizations do not need to be incorporated but must have a current bank account in the applicant organization’s name. Individuals, community groups, and organizations may only submit one application per funding round.
Applicants must operate within the City of Unley area or be proposing an activity that will take place within the City of Unley area.
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