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CFPs for “Comprehensive Urban and Territorial Development of Southeast Region of Mexico-Maya Train Regional Corridor”

CFPs for “Comprehensive Urban and Territorial Development of Southeast Region of Mexico-Maya Train Regional Corridor”

Deadline: 5-Oct-20

The United Nations Program for Human Settlements (UN-Habitat) has announced a call for proposals on “Comprehensive Urban and Territorial Development of Southeast Region of Mexico-Maya Train Regional Corridor”.

Seed Grants
The United Nations Program for Human Settlements (UN-Habitat) requests the presentation of expressions of interest to enter into a Cooperation Agreement, which will contemplate the realization of a technical and economic proposal for:

Carry out technical studies on the land acquired by FONATUR to promote housing projects designed by the UN-Habitat technical team, and analyze construction models appropriate to the climatic and social conditions of the Mexican southeast, developing the calculations and budgets corresponding to different typologies and advising UN-Habitat regarding the best options from the point of view of the cost-quality of construction.
Carry out feasibility studies for the construction of houses and/or urban-housing complexes, applying a matrix of criteria agreed with the UN-Habitat technical team, including an analysis of the Campeche real estate market, adjusting the preliminary projects based on the demand of local housing and the income capacity of the inhabitants.
Carry out the technical documentation of the housing projects at the executive level, based on the preliminary projects designed by the UN-Habitat technical team. Including plans for architectural housing complexes, sanitary and electrical installations.
Responsibilities and activities

The organization will work under the supervision of the Acting Director of the UN-Habitat Office for Mexico and Cuba (hereinafter the Director), the Program Specialist and the Project Technical Coordinator (hereinafter the Coordinator of the project), as well as in close communication with other consultants appointed to the project to ensure coordination and achievement of objectives.
The organization will be responsible for generating, formulating, and carrying out technical, administrative, and operational inputs necessary for: i) executing the projects based on the preliminary projects developed by UN-Habitat; ii) the development, approval, and construction of projects; and iii) obtain for each project the necessary permits, licenses and/or authorizations for the approval and construction of urban-housing projects in the municipality of SF Campeche.
Shall ensure adequate planning of activities for the execution of the project, under the supervision of the Director, the Program Specialist, and the Project Coordinator.
Generate technical and administrative inputs to support management in accordance with the requirements, policies, and processes of the Agency and the United Nations System, and by the instruction of the Director, the Project Coordinator.
The organization will be responsible for ensuring compliance with its activities, as well as the processes that impact its performance and certainty of execution.
Collaborate in the compilation, integration, and generation of technical content necessary for the development of reports or products, as well as providing inputs for the preparation of technical presentations, guaranteeing coherence, quality, and alignment to the cross-cutting issues promoted by the United Nations.
The organization will be responsible for preparing reports and progress reports on project execution, as necessary, and requested for the proper verification of its activities and providing inputs for the drafting of project completion and closure documents.
The organization will be responsible for ensuring that the services in its charge and goods to be delivered are aligned with quality expectations.
The organization will be responsible for ensuring the optimal and timely delivery of the services entrusted in the Cooperation Agreement within the stipulated deadlines.
Integrate conclusion documents addressed to different audiences, among which decision-makers and technical or specialized officials stand out.
The organization will be in charge of facilitating and executing, together with other consultants appointed to the project when applicable, the five responsibilities/methodologies/strategies, based on a work program approved by UN-Habitat.
The organization will be responsible for transferring its staff or members by its own means to the localities of the territory as necessary in accordance with the activities outlined in these terms of reference.
Respond to requests for information required by the different UN-Habitat units, as well as any other information required by other consultants of the project or the counterpart, without prejudice to their responsibilities.
Funding Information

Maximum fund amount: USD 20,000.
Eligibility Criteria

Legal status

Proof of registration in the country of origin;
Proof of registration of the country of operation;
Proof of the operational presence of the country;
Profile and details of the organization.

Interested organizations must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochure, description of similar tasks, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.).
Proposals and accompanying documents must be received in accordance with the instructions provided. Proposals sent to a different email address will not be considered.
The documentation provided in the proposal must contain the nomenclature of the “File identifier” to facilitate the control of the files.
Proposals from applicants that do not provide complete information to meet the basic eligibility criteria will be deemed not received.
Proposals received after the indicated deadline will not be considered.
Organizations will be selected in accordance with the procedure established in the UN-Habitat Intellectual Property Management Policy and standard operating procedures.
Proposals from applicants who do not provide the requested information will not be considered.
This call does not imply any commitment on the part of UN-Habitat, financial or otherwise. UN-Habitat reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals without incurring any obligation to inform the affected applicant or applicants of the reasons.
All prices must be in US dollars (USD)
For more information, visit https://unhabitat.org/node/144617

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