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CFPs: Development of Rehabilitation Programmes and Care Services inside Prisons (Sudan)

CFPs: Development of Rehabilitation Programmes and Care Services inside Prisons (Sudan)

Deadline: 30-Jun-24

The Penal Reform International has announced a call for proposals to support the promotion and protection of human rights in places of detention.

As part of the EU funded project “Enhancing rule of law and people’s access to justice in Sudan” and implemented by Penal Reform International, they invite non-profit civil society organizations, which are legally registered in the Republic of the Sudan, and which have specialized work experience in the sectors of education, vocational training, psychosocial support, rehabilitation of prisoners and children, to submit project proposals to provide specialized support services and implement rehabilitation programmes for prisoners and children in detention.

  • Specific objectives of the project
    • Development of services for male prisoners, women prisoners and children in prisons.
    • Empowering prisoners and women prisoners to reintegrate into society.
  • Improve Access to the Highest Attainable Standard of Health in Prisons 
    • The Right to Health in prisons is of great importance and requires the support of prison and health departments. The project should cover at least one of the following areas:
      • Educate prisoners (male and female) and children about proper health procedures and practices to maintain a healthy personal and institutional health status.
      • Provide guidance on protection against infectious and transmitted diseases.
      • Provide public health check-ups for prisoners/at and children.
      • Mobilize volunteer doctors and health service providers to carry out comprehensive health campaigns in prisons.
      • Ensure provision of some chronic medicines for prisoners in need and essential medical materials in prisons.
      • Ensure provision of mental health services.
      • Ensure provision of health services for women prisoners and their children.
  • Improve Academic Education and Literacy programmes 
    • Education is of great importance in facilitating the reintegration of prisoners and children. It is proposed that the projects submitted should cover:
      • Open/deliver regular education classes for prisoners, especially for children in prisons.
      • Establish and manage learning resource rooms to assist children and prisoners.
      • Provide education programmes for women prisoners and girls in prison.
      • Establish a library and reading facilities with books and scientific, cultural and other sources.
  • Improve Cultural and Recreational support programmes 
    • Psycho-social support through recreational and cultural activities for persons in prison is one mean of psychological stability. It is proposed that the projects presented in this framework cover:
      • Organise cultural and theatre activities and training of prisoners and children.
      • Offer introduction to various sports activities for prisoners and children in order to entertain them and maintain their physical fitness and physical and psychological health.
      • Conduct reading and reading competitions and motivate prisoners and children to participate.
      • Organise group activities for prisoners and children based on psychological discharge through dialogue, music and games.
      • Organise recreational activities for women prisoners and their accompanying children.
      • Organise recreational activities and safety spaces for children accompanying their mothers.
  • Improve Vocational Education and Training programmes 
    • Enhancing the production potential and income-generating activities of prisoners is crucial to empowering them to manage their lives effectively, both during their incarceration and after their release into society. It is suggested that the projects submitted cover the following areas or some of them:
      • Implement of vocational and vocational training programmes.
      • Establish and help marketing of exhibitions of prisoners’ products.
Funding Information
  • Any requested contribution (grant) under this call for proposals must fall between the following:
    • Minimum amount: 15,000 euros
    • Maximum amount: 35,000 euros
  • The number of grants to be awarded will not exceed six (6).
Duration of Projects 
  • The duration of the proposed activities should not exceed 12 months.
Eligibility Criteria 
  • The applicant organization should:
    • be officially registered in the Sudan as a non-profit civil society organization and is allowed to operate.
    • Has at least two years of experience in implementing similar activities.
    • Has clear and proven experience in the field.
    • be able to submit monthly progress reports.
    • be able to submit transparent financial reports every three months.
    • be committed to documenting all cases including photographs.
    • be committed to adhere to confidentiality and privacy standards in dealing with cases.

For more information, visit Penal Reform International.

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