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CFPs: CSOs to Support Victims of Sexual Violence and Harassment in BiH

CFPs: CSOs to Support Victims of Sexual Violence and Harassment in BiH

Deadline: 18-Apr-22

UN Women Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has issued a public call for the engagement of a consortium of at least three civil society organizations (CSOs) to support multisectoral dialogue, existing efforts, and activities to build accessible, affordable, and quality essential services for victims of sexual violence and harassment, including those from marginalized groups in accordance with international standards.

UN-Women has been providing support to different efforts of local institutions and organizations in combating sexual violence including:

Study to examine legislative and policy response to cases rape, public attitudes, access to justice and judiciary response to cases of sexual violence (Baseline Study on Criminal Justice Protection, Legal and Social Position of Victims of Sexual Violence in BiH)by Lara Bijeljina. This work will continue with focus on normative changes and cooperation with Entity Training Centres and High Judiciary and Prosecutorial Council on standardisation of judiciary response to cases of sexual violence.
Enhancing safety of women and girls in public spaces in Banja Luka through implementation of global UN Women initiative Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces for women and girls free from sexual violence in partnership with the City of Banja Luka and local CSO United Women Banja Luka.
Mapping of existing services for survivors of sexual violence in Republika Srpska, development of the General Protocol for the Prevention and Treatment of Cases of Sexual Violence and a module for training of institutions for work on cases of sexual violence by Gender Center of RS.
Supporting the Safe network to raise capacities of Safe houses for work with survivors of sexual violence including development of a resource package with information for survivors, and improvement of multisectoral cooperation in response to cases of sexual violence including guidelines for multisectoral intervention in cases of sexual violence.
Localisation of the Action Coalition on GBV with focus on sexual violence and sexual harassment in BiH and facilitation of dialog among UN Agencies on coordinated response to sexual violence and sexual harassment in BiH.
Funding Information
The budget range for this proposal should beup to BAM261,150.00 (USD 150,000.00).
The proposals are expected to cover period of 16 months, tentatively within June 2022 – October 2023.
Guiding Principles
Submitted proposals should include following guiding principles:

Evidence-based programming, building on lessons learned and recommended practices, to ensure optimal results and use of resources.
Coordination and multi-sectorial partnerships, including among government(s) and institutions, women’s and other civil society organizations and networks.
Participatory approach in designing activities and improvements, making sure implementation of the “leave no one behind” principle.
Commitment to sharing knowledge, by documenting, evaluating, and disseminating results, and working with UN Women staff in the process.
Priority placed on consistency of activities and sustainability of results beyond the project duration.
Technical/functional competencies required:
This Call for Proposal is open to registered CSOs working in BiH. Applications are encouraged particularly from women’s and human rights organizations which demonstrate sound experience in EVAW, gender-based discrimination, women’s rights and/or tackling sexual violence and harassment work. More precisely:
Leading CSO (technical/functional competencies):
strong experience in the one of areas for project interventions (normative and advocacy work, service(s) provisions)
evidence-based programming, building on lessons learned and recommended practices, and ability to develop practices and solutions to be adapted and replicated in other communities
sound experience in coordination of multiple partnership and management implementation of complex project interventions including monitoring and evaluation of project activities and partners, financial and narrative reporting
previous experience in cooperation with UN agencies
Partner CSOs (technical/functional competencies):
experience in the one of areas for project interventions including:
Sound experience in normative and advocacy in particular legislative advocacy work including experience in consultation processes with various stakeholders
Experience in direct assistance to survivors of different forms of violence, provision of specialist support services and protection for survivors
Effective collaboration with and/or participation in multi-sectoral teams/coordination bodies for combating domestic violence
Other competencies, which while not required, can be an asset for the performance of services
Human rights-based and gender-responsive approaches that place priority on promoting, protecting and fulfilling the human rights of women and girls as well as strengthening institutional capacities at local levels to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women.
Focus on disadvantaged groups, including those living in poverty or otherwise especially excluded, and ensuring responsiveness to diversity.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3KELhFW

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