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CFPs: Advocacy for Immunization & Primary Health Care Financing (Sierra Leone)

CFPs: Advocacy for Immunization & Primary Health Care Financing (Sierra Leone)

Deadline: 31-May-2024

The Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) is seeking proposals for the new project in Sierra Leone, Civil Society Organization (CSO) Advocacy for Immunization & Primary Health Care Financing.

GHAI is partnering with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance as part of its 5.0 strategy and to secure social and political will for equitable and sustainable financing for immunization and primary health care. GHAI is collaborating with CSOs in select countries to ensure independent, sustained, high immunization coverage and equal access to life-saving vaccines for greater domestic resource mobilization and increased accountability in reaching zero-dose children and immunization coverage (including of newly introduced vaccines).

GHAI will support CSOs in Sierra Leone to advocate for new domestic resources for primary health care and immunization; efficient use of domestic and Gavi funds to reach zero-dose children and increase immunization coverage; improved transparency and accountability for domestic and Gavi resources allocated to the immunization program.

Funding Information
  • Proposals can be submitted for grants up to $150,000 per year.
  • The anticipated start date for this project is September 1, 2024.
  • Grant Period: September 1, 2024 through August 31, 2025
Eligible Projects
  • Depending on the country context and the bottlenecks identified by governments and their partners, the objectives of the advocacy effort of the applicant must lead to:
    • Increase domestic resource mobilization at national and/or subnational dedicated to PHC and immunization service delivery;
    • Improve execution of domestic funds and enable timely flow of funds to the frontlines.
    • Increase the transparency and improve the tracking of public expenditure on PHC and immunization;
    • Ensure timely payment of Gavi co-financing obligations;
    • Ensure new Gavi-supported vaccines are introduced and the country is aware and willing to meet any related increased co-financing obligations; and
    • Strengthen the accountability of national and sub-national governments for reducing the number of zero-dose children and increasing immunization coverage.
  • Project proposal can they be targeting these issues at the national and/or a specific subnational area.
Expected Outputs
  • The expected outputs of this project are:
    • more domestic resources mobilized for primary health care (PHC) and immunization;
    • more efficient use of domestic and Gavi funds to reach ZD children and increase immunization coverage, and
    • improved transparency and accountability for domestic and Gavi resources allocated to the immunization program.
Eligible Country
  • Sierra Leone
Eligibility Criteria
  • Non-governmental organizations based in eligible countries can apply for grants.
    • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with relevant advocacy experience aimed at changing or implementing budget/health policies including but not limited to civil society organizations, educational institutions (for example universities) and independent policy institutions (‘think tanks’).
    • Applicants must be recognized legal registered entities capable of entering into contractual arrangements, receiving foreign funds for the proposed activities and assuming legal and financial obligations.
    • The selected grantee will have proven experience and knowledge in budget advocacy for increased domestic resource allocation and immunization policy and programming. Responses to this RFP should demonstrate strengths, capabilities, and capacity to provide the following:
      • Experience with health policy advocacy, especially as it relates to increasing domestic health budgets and immunization policy.
      • Experience with direct advocacy with policymakers at all levels of government, especially the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Health.
      • Experience working with community groups and the media to build demand for health interventions.
    • NGO applicants cannot be the recipients of financial support from any tobacco product manufacturer or the parent, subsidiary or affiliate of a tobacco product manufacturer including PMI IMPACT and Foundation for a Smoke-free World.
  • The grants program does not fund individuals or government agencies.

For more information, visit GHAI.

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