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CFNCW: Nonprofit Reemergence Grant Program – United States

CFNCW: Nonprofit Reemergence Grant Program – United States

Deadline: 31-Dec-20

The Community Foundation of North Central Washington (CFNCW) is seeking applications for its Nonprofit Reemergence Grant Program.

The Nonprofit Reemergence Grant is a temporary grant program to support 501(c)3 charitable organizations located in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties as they recover from the current public health crisis and adapt their operations for future viability. Organizations are also encouraged to attend the Nonprofit Reemergence Learning Series to strengthen nonprofit resilience and support them through this application process. Reemergence Grants are intended for:

General Operating Support;
Support for Mergers.
Funding Information

Organizations may request funding for up to 10% of their current organizational budget with a maximum grant request of $20,000.
Eligibility Criteria

Grants are for 501(c)3 public charities serving Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties only (nonprofits serving the Methow Valley should apply for the Methow Valley Fund).
Organizations are only eligible for one Nonprofit Reemergence Grant award.
Organizations who receive a Helping Hands Grant 2.0 are not eligible for Nonprofit Reemergence Grants.
Grantees who received a 2019 Regional Impact Grant are eligible to apply for a Nonprofit Reemergence Grant (typically RIG grantees must wait one year before reapplying, but the Regional Impact Grant Program is currently on hold).
If applying for support for a Merger, each nonprofit organization that is involved can apply for a Nonprofit Reemergence Grant.
Grant funds must be expended within one year of the award date.
Final grant reports will be required to be submitted 45 days after the close of the grant period indicated on the Grant Agreement.
No grants will be made specifically for religious purposes but can be made to religious organizations for general community programs.
The Board of Trustees is responsible for final grant decisions and authorizes distribution of grants pursuant to these and other guidelines established by the Community Foundation.
Ineligible for Grants

Lobbying activities;
Debt retirement or budget deficits;
Tuition, scholarships or core operating expenses for public schools, charter schools, private schools, or universities and colleges;
Annual campaigns, fundraising campaigns or events;
Religious organizations for religious purposes;
Political activities;
Purchases or activities that occur prior to grant decisions.
Limitations & Restrictions

Geographic Area
CFNCW considers grant applications only from nonprofit organizations in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties. Proposals from nonprofit organizations outside of the three-county area may apply ONLY if the proposed project benefits Chelan, Douglas or Okanogan counties exclusively. Projects that have already identified key partners, venues or other means to deliver services in NCW before applying for the grant are preferable.
IRS Charitable Status
A nonprofit organization must have a current tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Community projects that do not have tax-exempt status may apply with a qualified Fiscal Sponsor.
Fiscal Sponsorship
Any Fiscal Sponsor for a project or program must meet the eligibility requirements established by the IRS. Contact the Foundation for more information before proceeding with an application. Organizations who act as a fiscal sponsor for other projects not directly associated with the organizations’ programs may submit multiple proposals per cycle one for their sponsored program and one for their internal programs.
Public Schools
Individual public schools may apply for support of programs that enhance learning. Public schools with more than 50% Free and reduced lunch students will be given priority. Funding cannot be used to subsidize shortfalls from tax-supported levies or core operational funding. Applications are restricted to 1 per school per grant cycle. The principal’s signature is required on all applications.
Private Schools
K-12 Private schools, defined as tuition-based educational institutions, may apply for funding if more than 50% of the student body is low income or receives tuition assistance. Tuition assistance is not eligible.
Colleges and Universities
Large organizations with many branches or departments must submit requests from the president’s office. Tuition assistance is not eligible.
City or County Governments
Projects that are essential services provided by the government such as infrastructure, administration, or services such as fire & police, are not eligible for funding. However, non-essential, quality of life, community enhancement projects not typically funded through tax dollars may be eligible. Please contact the Foundation before proceeding with an application.
Faith-Based Organizations
Grants will not be made for religious purposes but may be made to faith-based organizations for the non-religious programs offered to the broader community. Characteristics of eligible programs include a program that is located in a house of worship but not associated with the house of worship; the program is available to people of all faiths and/or non-believers; program abstains from religious worship, instruction or recruitment as part of the grant-funded program. Please contact the Foundation staff if you have questions, clarifications or would like to have examples.
Multi-Year Requests
In order to provide the greatest immediate impact and to respond to current needs, multi-year requests are not accepted.
Multiple Submissions
Organizations are limited to one grant proposal for consideration during a single grant cycle. Proposals for a single project may not be submitted to multiple CFNCW grant programs. City or county governments can submit multiple applications as long as they are from different departments. Wait periods for such grants will apply to the particular department rather than the whole of the city or county government.
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