CDR recruits 01 Farsi-Dari speaking Protection Training Consultant

CDR recruits 01 Farsi-Dari speaking Protection Training Consultant

The Danish Refugee Council, Civil Society Unit, Diaspora Programme is currently looking for a highly qualified Farsi-Dari speaking Protection Training Specialist under the project “Afghan Diaspora Information Project”.


The Diaspora Programme is currently looking for a highly qualified Farsi-Dari Protection Training Specialist under the project “Afghan Diaspora Information Project” to develop and design a training curriculum including training-materials (preferably in Farsi-Dari), and to deliver training sessions on Protection risks and information related to irregular migration for Afghan Diaspora Associations in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

The first round of training sessions will take place end of March 2020 in the Netherlands (1 day) and Denmark (1 day). The second round of training will take place end of May 2020 in two different cities of Germany (2 days).


The project “Enhancing protection information for displaced people from Afghanistan through collaborative engagement with diaspora communities in Europe” focuses on enhancing protection information for displaced people from Afghanistan through collaborative engagement with diaspora communities in Europe. The project aims to support members of the Afghan diaspora in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands to engage with migrants and refugees in a way that reduces protection risks.


This action will build protection capacity of diaspora organisations, through tailormade training of diaspora organisations, on protection information, safe migration and risks associated with irregular migration. This will equip the organisations more fully to provide relevant protection information (including legal, GBV, PSS and child protection) to prevent and mitigate protection risks and facilitate access to remedial services, when communicating with displacement affected people from and in their country of origin. This will result in increased access to timely and relevant protection information that supports informed decision making and self-protection capacities, leading to improved protection outcomes for displacement affected populations.

Objectives of the training:

  • Diaspora have increased capacity to provide protection information to displacement-affected people
  • Improved protection for displaced persons through access to timely and appropriate protection information that supports self-protection capacities and informed decision making.

The protection training will enhance the capacity of diaspora organisations in order to:

  • Enhance the safety, dignity and rights of displacement affected populations, and avoid exposing them to harm
  • Ensure displacement affected populations ‘access to assistance according to need and without discrimination
  • Assist displacement affected populations to recover from the physical and psychological effects of threatened or actual violence, coercion or deliberate deprivation
  • Help displacement affected populations claim their rights

The tailor-made technical training is required for the diaspora organisations with a simple comprehensible language in Farsi-Dari to help them comprehend and navigate the landscape of protection information, and to strengthen their knowledge and capacity on protection information.

As a result it is expected that the diaspora organisations will have the ability to continue disseminating and conveying messages on protection information to their diaspora network as well as their relatives and network in Afghanistan and on the move to help raise awareness on safe migration and reduce exposure to protection risks and help save lives beyond the scope and timeframe of this project.

You will work closely with the project management team in Copenhagen in developing the training curriculum, materials as well as conducting the trainings in all 3 countries in Farsi-Dari.


The main duties and responsibilities of the Farsi-Dari Protection Training Specialist will be to:

  • To conduct the training sessions (on-site in Denmark-1 day, Germany-2 days and the Netherlands-1day)
  • To develop the core training curriculum in English and Farsi-Dari for protection information. The curriculum will focus on strengthening the knowledge of the diaspora organisations on accurate and useful information to convey. The curriculum will be highly interactive and participatory, using real life situations and examples relevant to the diaspora and their relatives in Afghanistan and on the move.
  • To gather information on protection information from various online platforms to enhance the learning experience to incorporate into the training (available webpages, film clips, pod casts, ongoing online campaigns etc.).
  • To identify the most appropriate style, language tone and lesson duration for effective learning to our target group and end target group.
  • To incorporate space in the training for contributions from developed diaspora organisations who can share their knowledge and experience.
  • To recognise the risks, limitations and credibility issues could be faced by the diaspora in conveying certain types of messages organisations and see how it can be addressed within the training.
  • To be as innovative and interactive as possible with the training sessions
  • To conduct pre and post evaluation of the participants level of knowledge before and after the trainings


The Farsi-Dari Protection Training Specialist reports to the DRC project coordinator, and will work closely with the DRC Project Officer, DRC Protection Team and ResultsinHealth Social Behaviour Change.

Experience / Training

  • Experience required
    • At least two years of professional work experience in protection (operational or coordination);
    • At least two years of professional work experience in developing and delivering protection training:
      • Experience in assessing and analyzing training needs;
      • Extensive experience in developing and delivering training products;
      • Experience in developing, leading and delivering simulations and training;

    Desirable experience

    • Experience of creating and delivering protection training for civil society organisations.
    • Knowledge and understanding of diaspora communities’ motivations and connections to their home countries – Afghan Diaspora and the Afghan context in particular


    • Excellent communication skills.



    Fluency in oral and written English and Farsi-Dari is mandatory.



The consultancy is to be filled by 1st of March 2020, or as soon as possible.


Workplace: Europe with travel. The training development will be mainly done with DRC in Copenhagen, and the 4 training sessions will be based in Denmark (1 day), Netherlands (1 day), Germany (2 days).


Duration: From March until June 2020


Number of consultancy days: 10 days


Remuneration:  In accordance with the Grant agreement, the Consultant will receive a fee on a basis of detailed proposal budget for the total cost of the consultancy proposed by the short-listed applicant. In addition, the consultant will receive a lump sum to cover its travel and accommodation costs.


For questions regarding the vacancy please contact: Nila Noori,

Contact person

Submission of Bid

Please use the documents available here :


The RFQ document and Annex D must be completed with correct information and enclosed to the proposal document and CV.


The bid must be sent by email to the following dedicated, secure & controlled email address:



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