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Carroll County Foundation Grant Award Cycle (US)

Carroll County Foundation Grant Award Cycle (US)

Deadline: 15-Jul-21

The Carroll County Foundation is inviting applications for its Grant Award from tax-exempt private agencies, 501(c) (3) organizations which are public charities and government entities located within Carroll County, Ohio only or directly benefit-ting Carroll County.

Policies and Guidelines for Discretionary Funds

The Foundation does not award grants to individuals except through scholarship funds.
Religious Institutions: The Foundation will consider a grant request from a religious congregation, a religious sponsored organization, or a non-affiliated religious organization if:
The purpose of the program for which the grant is primarily secular or civic in nature.
Any religious activity or instruction is incidental to the program for which the grant is requested or is paid for by other sources.
The program for which the grant is requested will service participants without limitation to religion or creed.
Private Schools: The Foundation will consider a grant request from a private school* under the following conditions: (* Institutions of higher education are exempt from this policy.)
The purpose of the grant is for educational activities that are clearly nonreligious in nature.
The institution is non-sectarian.
The purchase of equipment will clearly serve as a catalyst for a new, innovative program.
The Foundation is not the sole funding source.
Funding for educational programs focuses on serving the disadvantaged or handicapped.
Computer and Education: The Foundation will not consider requests for multiple station computerization projects from public/private school systems or other educational institutions.
Operating Expenses: Grants are not usually made to support operation expenses of well-established organizations and/or programs either through the grant process or in response to annual fund drives for sustaining support. On occasion, the Foundation may provide such support on a short-term basis when it is critical to the survival of a key agency or program, which has been placed in jeopardy by changes in funding patterns.
Debt Financing: Grants are not made to subsidize previously accrued operational deficits nor debt incurred for capital items or repairs.
Carroll County Community Celebration: The Foundation will not fund annual community celebrations.
Annual Fund Drives: The Foundation does not contribute to annual fund drives.
Conferences/Recognition Dinners: The Foundation does not fund conferences or recognition dinners.
Endowment Funds: The Foundation does not generally support the endowment funds of other organizations. In the special case where an organization’s endowment is a designated fund in The Carroll County Foundation, the Foundation may make a contribution through the organization’s endowment fund.
Arts: The Foundation will consider supporting artistic diversity and quality in the arts within the entire community. Grants will be made on a challenge grant or partial funding basis to ensure broad community support of the institution or program.
Recreational: The recreational project should have evidence of significant neighborhood and community financial support before Foundation funding is solicited. The maximum use of existing school or community facilities should be demonstrated before the Foundation will consider supporting additional facilities. Proof of the capacity to provide on-going maintenance of a facility is a criterion of funding.
Grant-Making Contingencies: All contingency grants shall be held for no longer than one calendar year before contingency must be met. After a period of one year, the grant money will be automatically rescinded.
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