CANVASSITY Pan African Youth Democracy Fellowship 2018 (funded)

CANVASSITY Pan African Youth

Democracy Fellowship 2018 (funded)

Deadline: December 15, 2017

The Youngstars Foundation is now accepting applications for CANVASSITY Season 3. The CANVASSITY Pan African Youth Democracy Fellowship 2018 is a dynamic youth program designed to improve the capacity of young people to effectively engage and support elected representatives and government institutions to improve government efficiency, raise accountability and foster citizen-government collaborations in Africa.

Are you an African youth passionate and committed to make a change in governance and development in your country? Would you like to contribute to greater engagement between youth and the African Union for better governance in the continent? Want to join 50 bodacious youth influencers from 15 African countries on a quest for accountable, efficient and impactful governance; through inclusive people centric policy processes and engagements? CANVASSITY Pan African Youth Democracy Fellowship 2018, Season 3 is here again; the search is on for 50 bodacious youth influencers, youth NGOs and young professionals!

There are two components of the program: the residential training and the online training. Please note that the residential shall accommodate only 50 participants and the e-version shall accommodate based on interest.

CANVASSITY Residential Training

CANVASSITY Season 3 shall admit 50 pro-governance youth leaders into its year-long knowledge and action-based fellowship. The Fellowship shall require participants to participate in two (2) workshop semesters of 10 days and 5 days respectively in Nigeria. All participants shall also identify an issue under any of our 6 focal areas they are passionate to address through a policy process and engagement with elected representatives and government institutions during the fellowship. Participants shall also participate in a campaign to promote the AU African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) in their home countries.

A cohort shall participate in a 5-day Learning Visit to the headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa, as well as participate in CANVASSITY Democracy Exhibition amongst others. The Fellowship is an intense and demanding program designed for youths who have a conviction that we can make democracy and governance work in Africa in ONE GENERATION!

CANVASSITY e-Version – Online Training

This is a special Component of CANVASSITY Season 3 – a digital version that allows those who are not able to participate in the residential 10 and 5 days’ workshop to still participate. Those on CANVASSITY-eV shall receive all the learning materials weekly through a digital platform for a duration of 4 weeks for semester 1 and a duration of 3 weeks for semester 2. The e-version learning time table shall be flexible to allow online and offline participation.

However, there shall be strict adherence to submission of assignments. All participants of the e-Version shall also carry out all the different components of the program, shall be eligible for the 5 days Learning Visit to African Union among others. They shall all be rated equally. Registration fee shall also apply for each semester.


  • To empower youth with the knowledge, skills, and mentoring needed to engage and support elected representatives and government institutions to improve governance, raise accountability, and enhance citizen-government collaboration throughout Africa.
  • To build linkages between youth activists, civil society networks, and regional governance institutions to strengthen government accountability and expand political participation across Africa.

Focal Areas:

  • Electoral processes
  • The rule of law and human rights
  • Peace and security
  • Budget tracking and monitoring
  • Tackling corruption
  • Improving public service efficiency

Cost and Benefits

Please note that application is FREE and funded for participants! However, selected participants will pay registration fees per workshop.

  • For International Delegates: $50 (per workshop semester): Participants shall enjoy accommodation, 3 meals daily, training materials and return ticket.
  • For Nigerian Delegates: N15,000  (per workshop): Participant shall enjoy accommodation, 3 meals daily, training materials and one-way road transport reimbursement.
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