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Canada: Indigenous Peoples Art and Artists Program

Canada: Indigenous Peoples Art and Artists Program

Deadline: 15-Oct-22

The SK Arts is pleased to announce the Indigenous Peoples Art and Artists Program to support the development and continuation of Indigenous Peoples’ art forms in Saskatchewan.

providing opportunities for Indigenous artists to create and share their art;
being accessible to all Indigenous peoples throughout the Treaty territories in the province;
acknowledging that Indigenous peoples’ art forms can encompass all practices;
acknowledging diverse Indigenous world views as essential and influential in all Indigenous peoples’ art forms and making it possible for Indigenous artists to maintain their world view and practice;
ensuring that all peoples of Saskatchewan have opportunities to engage with the art forms that derive from Indigenous languages, world views, practices, and protocols; and
contributing to the realization of the mandate and strategic priorities of SK Arts.

The program offers three grant streams:
Basic: supports simple projects that accomplish one or two things in any art form. This could be a great starting place for an artist who has not received SK Arts funding in the past.
Intermediate: supports more complex requests for moderate-sized artistic projects
Major: supports professional Indigenous artists with a significant sustained practice, working independently, collaboratively or as a collective, to accomplish a substantial project over an extended period
Funding Information

Basic: $2,000
Intermediate: $7,500
Major: $18,000
Eligibility Criteria

Professional Indigenous artists, working independently or collaboratively, who are Saskatchewan residents.
Professional collectives of Indigenous artists whose primary work is in Saskatchewan.
It is important to be sure you’re eligible for a SK Arts grant before doing the work of preparing a grant application.
You must be based in Saskatchewan, meaning that you have maintained a permanent physical residence in the province for a minimum one year and live at that address for at least six months every year. SK Arts may request proof that you meet the residency requirement.
Past grant recipients with overdue reports must clear those with them before applying again.
For more information, visit https://sk-arts.ca/menu/grants/grants-by-type/artists/indigenous-peoples-art-and-artists.html

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