Call for the Global Focal Point to the UNISDR Youth Engagement Platform (UN MGCY DRR Working Group)

Call for the Global Focal Point to the UNISDR Youth Engagement Platform (UN MGCY DRR Working Group)

Deadline: January 17, 2018

The United Nations Major Group for Youth and Children (UN MGCY DRR Working Group) invites applications from youth entities to be the Global Focal Point to the UNISDR Youth Engagement Platform. The position is for two years with a global focus on the Four areas of UN MGCY’s work.

Focal Points are mandated to facilitate and coordinate the collective engagement, participation and activities of the UN MGCY in its scope of work as it relates to their primary and associated processes and avenues of engagement.

Areas of the UN MGCY Work

The areas of the UN MGCY’s work are

  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Capacity Building
  • Youth Action
  • Knowledge (assessment, generation, and use).

Global Focal Points Tasks

  • Facilitate developing a work plan for the WG in line with “Policy Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Accountability” framework along the four areas of work
  • Act as the primary liaison between the UN MGCY, other relevant youth and non youth stakeholders, and the relevant UN entities (the ones responsible for facilitating engagement in the respective processes) with Organising Partners (OPs) in copy
  • Facilitating the preparation of formal inputs (statements, papers, reports, etc) related to their respective process and engagement avenues in coordination with the working group coordination team, the working group, the UN MGCY coordination team and the assembly, and where appropriate, with other stakeholders, as per the process and procedures document
  • Resolve any issues with redflags and prevent an input from being submitted or read if it is red-flagged and no agreement can be found
  • Informing the UN MGCY regularly of upcoming opportunities, developments, and progress of work, as well as reporting back on organised events and actions through the official mailing list and the official social media platforms
  • Coordinating regular and timely WG calls
  • Coordinating external communications and promotion for the specific WG
  • Attending monthly Assembly calls on behalf of the WG or sending an internally determined alternative representative
  • Uploading documents such as statements and policies to the website and internal library
  • Ensuring reflection and regular evaluation of activities
  • Other tasks as delegated by the WG, or tasks undertaken in relation to the above tasks.

If a focal point wishes to add more details to these minimum requirements concerning their activities, they may do so on consultation with the specific working groups and OPs. The tasks however cannot override the existing mandates of the OPs and other GFPs.


  • Open to Youth-or-child led entity only (Named Lead to be 29 and below)

In addition, the candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an active member entity of the UN MGCY or an active CYI member where CYI is the nominating entity.
  • Must be able to commit to the roles and responsibilities of the respective Focal Point positions  as outlined above.

Governance and Oversight

  • Are in their work being overseen by the Organising Partners, who step in if the functioning of the Working Group is impaired. In such a case their first action would be to remind the GFPs or other FPs of their role and responsibilities. If the functioning of the Working Group is not restored, Organising Partners can then temporarily take over the steering of a Working Group and, as a last step, call for elections of new Focal Points.
  • Contributing to a monthly newsletter and update to the Assembly, the coordination team and the IANYD;
  • Report on the implementation of the work plan
  • Adhering to the UN MGCY’s Processes and Procedures

Please note that the GPF position is not open to individuals, but only to Youth Entities.


First and foremost, If you are not already signed up to the UN MGCY, then please do so before filing this nomination- If you are not a member entity, or are a member entity but have not filled this new form, then they will not be able to process this application.

Complete the online application.


For more information, visit UN MGCY Global Focal Point.

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