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Call for Proposals – Women Empowerment through Legal Training (Somalia)

Call for Proposals – Women Empowerment through Legal Training (Somalia)

Deadline: 15-Sep-20

The UN Women Somalia Country Office is seeking to engage a CSO as a Responsible Party (RP) that works on women access to justice and women’s rights with a focus on ending violence against women and support to disadvantaged groups and minorities to facilitate the capacity building of women in Somaliland on their rights as citizens.

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The programme will build on the existing and ongoing initiatives will incrementally support the Government of Somaliland to develop and pilot new national models for the delivery of quality legal aid and justice services to make the access to justice for all specifically for hard to reach pullulation in the regions which can be sustained across the whole of the jurisdiction through a bottom up approach.

The key element is the engagement of the local communities through constructive partnership and dialogue. Combining elements of ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ approaches, the programme will synergise with ongoing decentralization efforts including the higher judiciary initiatives for empowering Regional Appeal Courts and Attorney General’s Office with appropriate administrative and financial powers; and the Ministry of Interior efforts to provide accountable, basic rights-respecting civilian policing services to selected communities.


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The five outputs will support and enable the Government to:

Improve quality as well as scaling up of basic rights respecting justice and policing services (including traditional as well as formal arrangements).
Enhance public space for partnership and accountability of justice institutions.
Develop and pilot parole and probation services to help the management of scarce corrections facilities; and
Enhance security sector governance.
And generally, to adopt an increasingly holistic and coordinated approach to the rule of law and security sector that is at the heart of sustainable development, just, tolerant, equitable, open and socially inclusive society.
Funding Information

The budget range for this proposal should be 70,000-90,000

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Technical/functional competencies required

The Call for Responsible Party is open to Women CSOs in Somaliland. Applications are encouraged particularly from women’s organizations which focus on:

Evidence-based programming, building on lessons learned and recommended practices, to ensure optimal results and use of resources.
Human rights-based and gender-responsive approaches that place first priority on promoting, protecting and fulfilling the human rights of women and girls as well as strengthening institutional capacities at local levels to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women;
Focus on disadvantaged groups, including those living in poverty or otherwise especially excluded, and ensuring responsiveness to diversity;
Coordination and multi-sectorial partnerships, including among government organizations, nongovernmental organizations, women’s and other civil society groups;
Commitment to sharing knowledge, by documenting, evaluating and disseminating results, and working with UN Women staff.
Priority placed on sustainability of results.
Experience in working with the rule of law institutions in the area of strengthening women capacity in justice, security, legal aid, protections and advocacy on women and girls rights, ending violence against Women and as well as support to development of laws and strengthening legal systems programme or related fields.
Applying partners must introduce a section for knowledge management to showcase how they will mobilize, disseminate and ensure action from knowledge generated from this project.
Other competencies, which can be an asset for the performance of services:

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Transformation of inequitable gender norms and power disparities between women and men, and empowerment of women and girls to thrive as equals through women associations in Somaliland regions.
Holistic responses that address women and girls’ inter-related rights and needs, including safety, access to justice and promotion and protection of the women girl’s rights through formal justice system and informal mechanisms.
For more information, visit https://www.unwomen.org/en/how-we-work/programme-implementation/2020/09/call-for-proposals—women-empowerment-through-training-and-legal-empowerment

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