Call for Proposals to promote Awareness of Violence-Free Elections and Civic Voter Education in Liberia

Call for Proposals to promote Awareness of Violence-Free Elections and Civic Voter Education in Liberia

Deadline: 22-Sep-23

The YALI Liberia Alumni Chapter in collaboration with YOCEL, is pleased to announce a call for proposals from grassroots organizations interested in conducting activities to promote awareness of violence-free elections and civic voter education.

They firmly believe in the significance of informed and peaceful participation in the electoral process. Therefore, they are seeking to support local initiatives that actively contribute to this objective.

  • The main goal of this call for proposals is to identify grassroots organizations capable of implementing impactful activities that promote awareness of violence-free elections and deliver civic voter education at the community level. They firmly believe that well-informed and actively involved citizens are essential for the prosperity of any democratic society.
Focus Areas
  • Proposals should center around one or both of the following key areas:
    • Violence-Free Election Awareness: Projects should strive to educate communities about the detrimental consequences of election-related violence and actively promote peaceful participation in electoral processes.
    • Civic Voter Education: Projects should offer training and comprehensive information to empower citizens with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed voting decisions.
Funding Information
  • Each selected proposal will be allocated a maximum budget of 15,000 Liberian Dollars.
  • Please note that proposals exceeding this amount will not be considered for evaluation.
Eligibility Criteria
  • To be eligible for consideration, organizations must meet the following criteria:
    • Grassroots organizations registered and actively operating in Liberia.
    • Organizations with a demonstrated track record of successfully implementing community-based awareness and education programs.
    • Non-profit organizations or community groups committed to fostering civic engagement, democracy, and peace.

For more information, visit YALI Liberia Alumni Chapter.

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