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Call for Proposals: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

Call for Proposals: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

Deadline: 27-Feb-2024The CivSource Africa has announced a call for proposals to explore the colonial roots of philanthropic practices and their implications on funding SRHR in the regions.

The CivLegacy Foundation (CLF) is the non-profit arm of CivSource Africa, a philanthropy support organization at the intersection of philanthropy and civil society in Africa. CivLegacy Foundation directly contributes to CivSource Africa’s vision of “Philanthropy that works and Civil Society that thrives” and her mission “To refine the practice of philanthropy and the footprint of civil society in Africa”.The CivLegacy Foundation would like to undertake a situational analysis that gathers data collected by researchers focusing on decolonizing philanthropy for SRHR within East and Southern Africa as well as mapping researchers, organizations, and leaders championing the work of decolonization within their funding and civil society organizing practices in specific countries within the two regions.To accomplish this, they are seeking to recruit a consultant or teams of consultants who will undertake this project. The selected consultant(s) will work for a period of six (6) months in collaboration with CivLegacy Foundation’s Philanthropy Program.

Purpose of the Consultancy
  • The objective of the consultancy is to undertake a comprehensive situational analysis aimed at gathering data on local and international organizations in Africa engaged in critical examination and transformation of philanthropic endeavors aimed at enhancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), particularly in South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Furthermore, this analysis aims to map out the landscape of researchers, organizations, and leaders advocating for the imperative process of decolonization within their philanthropic funding structures and the nuanced frameworks of civil society organizing practices specifically within the regions of East Africa and Southern Africa. The study is intended to systematically examine and evaluate the relevant data to understand existing challenges, opportunities, and trends relating to philanthropy and SRHR organizing within the selected countries. The study has the following specific objectives:Analyzing current grantmaking strategies for SRHR and their alignment with decolonization principles.Identifying specific practices and policies that reinforce colonial legacies and recommend alternatives.
  • Scope of Work and Deliverables
  • The selected consultant(s) will be responsible for the following:A Research Report on decolonizing SRHR practices within organizations in South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.A profile of researchers, organizations, and leaders championing the work of decolonization within their funding and civil society organizing SRHR practices in South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.
  • Duration
  • The duration of the consultancy for this assignment is set across a period of 6 months, with the ideal start date being March 2024 and the end date being August 2024.
  • Methodology
  • In collaboration with the CivLegacy Philanthropy Program team and strategic partners, the consultant(s) will incorporate the following elements into undertaking the situational analysis:
    • Interviews, focus group discussion, and surveys: The methodology seeks to critically analyze the conducting of indepth interviews, focus group interviews, surveys, discussions, and analyses to understand the context and funding landscape of SRHR organizations in the selected countries.Case Studies: Select and analyze case studies of organizations in the selected counties highlighting their ideological approaches, strategies, outcomes, and lessons in challenging structural and institutional biases in funding SRHR. These case studies will aim to capture and showcase examples of the organizations in the selected countries undertaking a decolonial lens to their work.Synthesis and Reporting: Synthesize the findings from the literature review, interviews, surveys, case studies, and data analysis into a comprehensive report. The report should present a clear narrative of the journey of philanthropy within the continent, highlighting its impact, lessons learned, and recommendations for future strategies and approaches particularly how it relates to SRHR organizing.
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • CivLegacy seeks a consultant(s) with a deep understanding of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights organizing and funding ecosystem in Africa.
    • The consultant/s should hold an Advanced university degree in Social Sciences, Humanities, Law and/or any related degree.Existing knowledge of key actors, initiatives, and networks within Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and funding ecosystem.Existing networks/relationships within the African SRHR organizations and/or philanthropic ecosystem.Proven research experience in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and/or philanthropy.Proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research methodsFamiliarity with the subject matter and have undertaken similar work.
  • For more information, visit CivSource Africa.

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