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Call for Proposals of Small-Scale Development Projects (MLP) in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2021

Call for Proposals of Small-Scale Development Projects (MLP) in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2021

Deadline: 1-Nov-20

The Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Erbil opens a call for proposals of small-scale development projects (MLP) in Iraqi Kurdistan for year 2021.

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Small-scale development projects (further referred as MLP) should be focusing on useful contribution to the local community and smaller development activities, in line with the country’s national development plan, such as supplies of equipment or material, training, support of development activities of local institutions and organizations, participation in larger projects, etc. The projects should be focused on its sustainability.

The objective of MLP is to contribute to the needs of developing countries and to support a positive change through local entities. The MLP budget shall cover development activities of the implementing organization only. No capacity building costs of the organization are acceptable.

Funding Information

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Financing is focusing on amount of 200,000 – 500,000. – CZK (approx. 8,500 – 21,000 – USD).
Who can submit MLP proposal?

Only local organizations with legal entity in Iraq or Iraqi Kurdistan may submit MLP proposals.
The MLP Identification Form

MLP proposal in English is to be presented in a specific identification form (enclosed) only.

Deadline Free Grants
The Identification Form, duly completed in all sections, stamped and signed by the authorized person is to be presented in paper form and scanned electronic version.

In the case of non-governmental organizations, a copy of the legal entity document (in accordance with the local law requirements) and an authorization document certifying that the person is authorized to act on behalf of the organization in Iraq or Iraqi Kurdistan must be enclosed.

For more information, visit https://www.mzv.cz/erbil/en/humanitarian_aid_and_development/call_for_proposal

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