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Call for Proposals – Improving Educational Reintegration of Roma Returnees (Serbia)

Call for Proposals – Improving Educational Reintegration of Roma Returnees (Serbia)

Deadline: 15-Nov-21

The Roma Education Foundation has announced a public call for project proposals under the Grant Program “Improving the Integration of Roma Returnees” which is implemented through support to local civil society organizations for project implementation in accordance with the strategic framework and mission of FOR.

The grant program ” Improving the Integration of Roma Returnees” is implemented within the project “Promoting the Employability of Young Roma – Phase II”, supported by the German Financial Cooperation Program implemented by the German Development Bank KfW on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Germany – Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

All project proposals should include measurable and lasting improvements in the educational outcomes of Roma children from returnee families, in line with Roma Education Foundation’s mission, vision and objectives:

Support for improving the inclusion of children from returnee Roma families;
Support for improving the school readiness, skills and knowledge of children from Roma returnee families through teaching, tutoring and other support activities;
Improved access to primary education in Serbia by increasing the enrollment rate and reducing the drop-out rate of Roma children from returnee families;
Contribute to increasing the enrollment rate in secondary schools by providing additional career counseling and support in professional orientation;
Strengthening the active participation of returnees in school and social life;
Developing specific activities and approaches to address educational challenges during a pandemic;
Empowering and understanding the need to acquire new digital skills;
Support for cultural identity and inclusive social activities;
Advocating for changes in the development of educational policies and social reintegration;
Contribution to knowledge exchange and communication in education;
Contribution to the desegregation of the education system and the construction of an inclusive education system;
Gender mainstreaming in the preparation and design of all project components;
Laying the groundwork for the sustainability of best practices and activities;
Incorporating measurable indicators to improve educational attainment;
Increasing the visibility of educational issues faced by Roma children from returnee families.
Funding Information
The total allocated funds for this Public Call amount to EUR 80,000. The minimum amount that can be approved for projects in accordance with this Public Call has not been determined, while the maximum amount of funds that can be allocated per one project is 20,000 EUR.
Time frame for project implementation: Projects should be planned for a maximum of six months.
The main goal of the call is to improve the reintegration of young Roma returnees into the Serbian education system;
The specific goal is to select partner organizations for the implementation of projects that will provide comprehensive support in improving the educational integration, school readiness and inclusion of children from Roma returnee families;
The project proposal should include the following target groups (but do not have to be limited to them): Roma children from returnee families of preschool age, Roma students from returnee families attending primary schools, parents, teachers, local government, educational, social and cultural institutions;
Project proposals should include instruments for measuring educational outcomes and indicators of progress in education, as well as responding to current challenges in distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Geographical Coverage: This call for project proposals is valid for civil society organizations that are registered and operate in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
Eligibility Criteria
Legally registered civil society organization or institution that has been registered and operating in the territory of the Republic of Serbia for at least 2 years;
The operational capacity of the organization should ensure good management of the funds and activities of the proposed project;
The organization should have basic accounting and reporting systems;
Proven relevant experience and ability to meet the objectives of the proposed project;
Core values in line with FOR’s mission, vision, goals and values;
Project proposals should include innovative activities tailored to current challenges in distance learning and mitigation of the COVID-19 pandemic;
Project proposals should include municipalities in Serbia with a significant number of Roma returnee families.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3q6jdDN

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