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Call for Proposals for the Promotion of Women’s, Girls’ and Children’s Rights in Tanzania 2021

Call for Proposals for the Promotion of Women’s, Girls’ and Children’s Rights in Tanzania 2021

Deadline: 28-Feb-21

WFT-Trust invites applications from legally registered women, girls’ and children’s rights organizations, community-based organizations, groups, and institutions who work for the promotion of women’s, girls’ and children’s rights in Tanzania.

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Focus Areas

WFT-Trust invites applications from legally registered organizations who work in one or more of the following areas:

Violence against women, girls, and children with a focus on addressing sexual corruption/sextortion, mental health related violence on women, girls, children and other social groups including female domestic workers and those affected by constraining cultural violence in rural and urban communities.
Women’s Leadership and Political Participation in the post-election period – addressing emerging issues that prevent women and girls to fully participate in post-election processes including challenging systems and structures that prevent women and girls from entering and staying in leadership positions in their communities, companies, and other spaces;
Economic Justice and sustainability – breaking barriers that limit women and girls’ economic participation and prevent them from benefiting from financial services, SMEs, major industries and sectors like extraction, mining, import/export and others;
Environmental justice – addressing challenges facing women who work in or are affected by climate change, deforestation, and ensure fair treatment and meaningful involvement in the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.
Educational justice and rights – disrupting cultural and institutional inequalities that prevent girls from equal and full participation in education including rape culture, teen pregnancies, child marriage, and sexual corruption.
Research, documentation, and media – use of innovative multimedia tools to popularize women and girls’ her stories especially their contributions to the women’s and children’s movements.
Sports, popular art, and culture – challenging exclusionary practices, cultural biases, and social norms in sports, popular art and culture include the use of degrading language.
Addressing challenges and issues facing migrants – with a focus on protecting their dignity and the rights of women and children migrants.
Movement building and strengthening – promoting intersectional approaches in accelerating transformative changes within the women’s movement and between the women’s movement and other social justice movements including those working on advancing disability rights, children’s rights, reproductive health rights, migrant rights, and environmental justice for joint interventions and actions towards advancing gender enhanced changes in harmful cultural attitudes and social norms, as well as in policy and legal frameworks at different levels;
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Small Scale Window
This window is for community-based groups, women’s rights and feminist organizations, raising start-up funds, and based in rural and semi-urban settings. The Fund can be used for capacity building, awareness rising, and for galvanizing social action in their communities.
The duration of the intervention/project to be implemented is between 0 and 3 months
The intervention is aimed at giving voice and visibility to women’ and girls’ issues, particularly marginalized women, special groups, and vulnerable populations in local communities
Mainly for first time applicants from community-based levels
Medium Scale Window
Projects under this window should focus on initiatives for supporting women’s, girls’ and children’s rights organizations to build/strengthen relevant conceptual and organizational capacities, expertise for networking and knowledge sharing with the women’s and girls’ movement.
The grant period should be between 6 months and 1 year
Must aim at giving voice and visibility to marginalized women, girls and children on marginalized issues as stipulated in the call for a proposal
The window is open to women and girls’ initiatives at the local and national levels, which need funds for organizational strengthening including transitioning (enhancing ideological clarity) or are building on an initial grant to strengthen strategic alliances and networks in the women’s movement
Strategic Window
For interventions between 1 and 2 years. Under this window, we are looking to invest and partner with relatively large or platforms (National level Women’s Rights Organizations, Women Organizations with a potential for movement building that includes reach, agenda setting and constituent base – building interventions) within the various women, girls and children’s movements possessing relevant institutional capacity, expertise, networking, and local knowledge to work with other partners (both local and national) to strengthen women’s movement building strategies across sectors.
Within this frame, they are accepting proposals aimed at initiating and scaling up interventions that promote collective/joint advocacy actions, cross border platforms networking and learning within the various sectors of women and girls’ and children’s movement/s in the country.
What are they looking for?

Applicants should strive to reflect in their proposals key guiding principles outlined below:

Partners who share their aspiration of contributing towards the elimination of gender inequalities, discriminatory, practices, and processes through capacity enhancement and women’s movement building, and whose work fits within their identified thematic areas.
The proposal should ensure a strong link between the problem to be addressed and the strategies and measurable results anticipated from the project
The proposal should reflect multi-stakeholder participation (within the women’s movements and across other movements) in formulation and implementation of forming/strengthening functional networks, coalitions, and platforms (especially for windows 2&3),
The proposal should use models that demonstrate sustainability, innovation, reliability, and scaling up potential
Your proposals should include strategic use of local, regional, and international days as opportunities and platforms to amplify your projects like the International Day of the African Child, International Day of Rural Women, and 16 Days of Activism etc.
For more information, visit http://wft.or.tz/grants/apply-for-a-grant/

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