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Call for Proposals: Capgemini Innovation Challenge – India

Call for Proposals: Capgemini Innovation Challenge – India

Deadline: 13-Jul-2020

Are you an innovator working on disruptive solutions? If yes, then apply now for the Capgemini Innovation Challenge.

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The Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) is Capgemini’s global platform that leverages a framework for action, a network of exchange locations, and a high-performance engagement experience together with a broad community of designers, technologists, sector experts, business and technology partners, academics, research organizations and startups.

The AIE is designed to enable enterprises to discover relevant innovations and to contextualize and experiment with them within their specific industry. Capgemini’s innovation space in Mumbai supports the above innovation mission, and is partnering with AGNIi & Startup India to launch an innovation challenge.

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Relevant Stakeholder

Ideation Stage Startup
Validation Stage Startup
Early Traction Startup
Scaling Stage Startup
Relevant Industry

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Aeronautics Aerospace & Defence
AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality)
Architecture Interior Design
Art & Photography
Telecommunication & Networking
Computer Vision
Dating Matrimonial
Non- Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Green Technology
Enterprise Software
Finance Technology
Food & Beverages
Technology Hardware
Healthcare & Lifesciences
Human Resources
Internet Of Things
IT Services
Media & Entertainment
Pets & Animals
Professional & Commercial Services
Real Estate
Other Specialty Retailers
Security Solutions
House-Hold Services
Social Impact
Social Network
Textiles & Apparel
Transportation & Storage
Travel & Tourism
Airport Operations
Waste Management
Passenger Experience
Incentives (Non-Fiscal Incentives)

Opportunity to co-locate within Capgemini innovation space for 6 months, to co-create and refine the solution (support would include infrastructure, technology guidance and mentoring from Capgemini industry and tech experts, licenses and hardware to build the solution)
Opportunity to showcase solution to Capgemini client network (dependent on context and relevance)
Intra company evangelization by showcasing solution to global innovation network and internal audience (leadership team, architects community, SME’s)
Marketing/publicity support by Capgemini of the solution
Showcase solutions in internal and external events (dependent on context and relevance)
The product/service should at least be in any of the following stages:

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Proof of Concept (POC)
Deployed solution which requires further scaling up
Note: Omitting innovators and startups with Market Ready Products

Eligibility Criteria

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Startups / SMEs / Entrepreneurs with highly innovative technologies, business models that can solve the mentioned challenges given in the problem statements are invited to apply.
For more information, visit https://www.startupindia.gov.in/content/sih/en/ams-application/challenge.html?applicationId=5ed75f24e4b054cc0b132cc9

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