Call for Projects: Feminist Agroecology and Community Forests in Liberia

Call for Projects: Feminist Agroecology and Community Forests in Liberia

Deadline: 23-May-22

The Siemenpuu Foundation is inviting applications for Feminist Agroecology and Community Forests to support Liberian and Mozambican Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) projects to strengthen the rights of local communities dependent on forests and small-scale farming, to improve these communities’ livelihoods and to conserve biodiversity.

Funded projects are expected to actively strengthen the capacity and leadership of women and vulnerable groups, such as persons with disabilities, in natural resource management.

In forest conservation, social sustainability based on forest dependent local communities’ collective rights, as well as their capacity to enjoy these rights, are emphasized. Advocacy for practices, legislation and policies preventing deforestation and biodiversity loss, as well as advancing local communities’ rights to sustainable forest-based livelihoods is considered crucial. Forests of high biodiversity value and carbon stock are prioritized.

Projects funded within the scheme may also focus on supporting local communities in developing agroecological practices – particularly in forested areas – in order to diversify livelihood options and nurture agricultural biodiversity. The aim of agroecology is a food system based on local communities, responsible production and responsible consumption.

Funding Information
Project duration: from 9 to 36 months, starting earliest in October 2022.
Grant size: 35,000 ― 180,000 Euros (exceptionally, in case of a 36-month proposal including several implementing partners, maximum of 300,000 Euros may be considered).
Eligibility Criteria
Local, registered Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Liberia
Project concepts may focus
on community forests,
on agroecology, or
address both themes.
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