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Call for Development Cooperation Projects for 2023

Call for Development Cooperation Projects for 2023

Deadline: 6-Oct-22

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Buenos Aires is pleased to inform that the Call for Development Cooperation Projects for the year 2023 has been opened for all those NGOs, associations, regional and local entities and other non-profit organizations from Argentina and Paraguay.

The general objective of the projects is to support institutions and actors from civil society, NGOs, productive associations, regional and local non-profit institutions in their efforts to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Private companies will not be able to participate.

Funding Information
In relation to the conditions and requirements to submit a proposal, it is reported that:

The financial contribution that can be awarded for a project ranges from 200,000 to 500,000 CZK.
The execution period will begin in March 2023 and must end no later than October 2023 (or preferably before.)
Technical Requirements
Technical requirement when writing the budget of this form:

Place the different itemized items of the budget in such a way that it appears in the local currency. The sums of each item from 1 to 4 must also appear in the same currency. The yellow boxes, where the values ​​in Czech crowns (CZK) must appear using the exchange rate, must be filled out by the Czech Embassy in Buenos Aires.
In this sense, the amount of the proposal and the sum of the items of the form must be between 200,000 and 500,000 CZK . Budgets are usually worked out in CZK Czech Koruna – since it is the primary currency and of a possible contract, should it be awarded.
The risk related to possible fluctuations related to the exchange rate and inflation during 2023 will be assumed by the project developer, therefore, it is suggested to take it into account when preparing your proposal. Claims in relation to this will not be accepted.
Additionally, the other sources of co- financing / other and/or complementary own resources must be specified in the form .
In relation to the formulation of the budget, it is reported that the sum of items 2 and 3, that is, personal, per diem and travel costs, should not exceed 25% .
In this sense, the complete administrative management of the project will be requested, the delivery of periodic and final technical, economic reports, the justification of any expense through accounting documents, descriptions and photographs of the progress and, finally, physical inspections must be allowed, at the time it is required.
For more information, visit https://www.mzv.cz/buenosaires/es/comercio_y_economia/argentina_paraguay_convocatoria_para_1.html


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