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Call for Applications: Youth Climate Action Fund Project (Zimbabwe)

Call for Applications: Youth Climate Action Fund Project (Zimbabwe)

Deadline: 1-Jul-24

Are you aged 15-24 and interested in being part of the solutions to Bulawayo’s climate challenges? Apply now for a chance to get a micro grant of at least US$1000 and up to US$5,000 for your organization.

The City of Bulawayo is one of 100 cities that has received funding and technical assistance to spur a groundswell of youth-driven climate action. This is in a realisation that climate change is real and happening now. The Youth Climate Action Fund (YCAF), a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies provides a new opportunity to fund creative and innovative ideas to tackle climate change at the local level.

From tree-planting or public education campaigns to recycling or waste reduction initiatives to climate change mitigation planning or preparedness programmes, the YCAF will harness the passion, voices and actions of youth and support them to lead projects that are working towards a more resilient City of Bulawayo.

Areas of Focus
  • Youths can apply for grants along the areas of focus below;
    • Environment and natural resources
    • Clean or Renewable Energy
    • Reducing Greenhouse Emissions
    • Climate Resilience and Adaptation
    • Youth-led awareness, education, research, and development initiatives, including:
      • Climate education programs
      • Climate hackathons
      • Climate surveys and research
      • Environmental Clubs and curriculum development
      • Public art and awareness campaigns
    • Youth-driven climate mitigation and adaptation projects, including:
      • Community gardening
      • Tree Planting
      • Reforestation
      • Urban farming campaigns
      • Public art and awareness campaigns
      • youth-managed recycling, upcycling and waste reduction programs
      • youth-produced climate resilience workshops
      • disaster preparedness programs
      • Water conservation projects
    • Co-governed youth climate action plans, including:
      • Partnerships between city leaders and youth groups to inform climate-related policy ideas, decisions, or actions or the formation of youth climate ambassadors or advisory boards.
Funding Information
  • Through the YCAF, youth-led and youth-serving organizations and groups can receive up to US$5000 micro grants to support actions that focus on environmental issues and implement climate action initiatives in their communities.
Eligibility Criteria
  • YCAF micro-grants are available for projects that request a minimum of US$1,000 and a maximum of US$5,000. The projects must take place in the City of Bulawayo and must be led-by and serving Bulawayo youth residents. YCAF cannot fund existing projects, and all proposed projects must be new.
  • Groups of two or more people can apply through a registered organisation such as a school or college, Civic Society Organisation, Non-Governmental Organisation with a bank account that can receive and manage the funds.
  • Not-for-profit organizations or registered charitable organizations led by the Youth and for the youth.
  • In order to qualify for the Youth Climate Action Grant application process, applicants must:
    • Propose a project that will occur within the City of Bulawayo.
    • Propose a project that is open to the public.
    • Proposed project application submitted by a registered organization.
    • Proposed project is led and actioned by youth ages 15-24.
  • For – profit businesses
  • Individuals

For more information, visit The City of Bulawayo.

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