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Call for Applications to support Climate Justice Young Leaders (Groups can apply for a Grant of up to USD 10,000)

Call for Applications to support Climate Justice Young Leaders (Groups can apply for a Grant of up to USD 10,000)

Deadline: September 17, 2023

The Youth Climate Justice Fund is seeking applications to support climate justice young leaders with trust-based funding, resources, and youth-to-youth capacity development, enabling them to amplify their voices and to keep their vision and influence alive.

The Youth Climate Justice Fund work to strengthen existing organizing efforts and support emerging youth movements with a focus on bridging funders and organizers to enable flexible and impactful support. Through youth-to-youth capacity development and resource sharing, they empower and support young people to drive change and build a just and sustainable future.


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Funding Information
  • Groups can apply for a grant of up to USD 10,000, which can be used for a period of 12 months.
Eligibility Criteria
  • You should consider applying if your group, network or collective is:
    • led by young people aged 35 and under. In order to be eligible for a YCJF grant, most of your organisation’s membership needs to be young people under 35 and the leadership or the individuals with decision-making power need to be young people aged 35 and under;
    • based in Africa; Middle East; Asia and the Pacific; Latin America and the Caribbean; and Central, and Eastern Europe;
    • based in North America or Western Europe but is led by young people who are discriminated against and/or marginalised based on class, ethnicity, background, etc;
    • non-partisan, non-violent, and legal; and
    • believe in and exhibit inclusive organising, collective action and intersectional movement building.
  • They specifically look for groups who are:
    • Cultivating diverse leadership rooted in fair and equitable climate action with community power.
    • Raising ambitions and commitments on climate & socio-environmental justice.
    • Holding policymakers accountable to their promises and strengthening community power.
  • The Youth Climate Justice Fund participative grant-making.
    • Youth Climate Justice Fund opens the call
      • The call is open for 4 weeks, youth climate justice groups around the globe can apply. Non-English speaking groups are welcome to reach out to Regional Leads for support in applying in their own language.
    • Applications are screened by the YCJF staff
      • Check that groups meet basic eligibility criteria and are aligned with YCJF values and principles.
    • Regional Leads review
      • Review of proposals per regional priorities and contacting groups to better understand their needs.
    • Steering Committee voting
      • Each steering committee member ranks groups based on the YCJF principles, values and key funding priorities.
    • Due diligence process
      • YCJF staff and Regional Leads reach out to the selected groups and support them to receive the funding.
    • Grants are awarded!
      • YCJF staff and Regional Leads work with partners to speed the process for groups to receive funding.
    • Join the YCJF community
      • Groups are invited to join the YCJF welcome call and to co-develop youth-to-youth capacity development resources.

For more information, visit Youth Climate Justice Fund.

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