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Call for Applications: Providing Legal Support to People in Contact with the Law (Sudan)

Call for Applications: Providing Legal Support to People in Contact with the Law (Sudan)

Deadline: 13-Jun-2024

The Penal Reform International is inviting applications for promoting access to justice for persons in contact with the law.

This call for proposal as part of the project “Enhancing rule of law and people’s access to justice in Sudan” funded by the European Union Delegation in Sudan and implemented by Penal Reform International invites non-profit civil society organizations legally registered in the Republic of Sudan that have experience in the field of legal and judicial support, and have a desire to support human rights protection activities and provide specialized support services to those in need in the justice system, to submit project proposals to implement support activities for persons in conflict with the law and their families.

  • Specific objectives of the project
    • Enhancing protection and safety through:
      • Enabling people, especially in remote areas, to access legal assistance and providing legal assistance to people who need it.
      • Strengthening the protection of women, girls and children within the justice system through legal empowerment and access to justice.
  • People who are in conflict with the law need to understand their legal and judicial situation in order to improve their ability to defend themselves, especially children and women. Therefore, it is suggested that organizations applying for funding cover the following:
    • Providing awareness and legal education to the public, people in contact with the law and their families.
    • Providing legal support services and judicial representation for persons.
    • Seeking legal mediation between disputants to help resolve outstanding issues.
    • Coordination with security and judicial bodies to facilitate people’s access to legal support.
    • Accompanying people, especially children and women, during the initial investigation stages by law enforcement agencies (police stations).
    • Establishing legal support clinics in prisons.
Funding Information
  • Any requested contribution (grant) under this call for proposals must fall between the following minimum and maximum amounts:
    • Minimum amount: 20,000 euros
    • Maximum amount: 60,000 euros
  • The number of grants that will be provided will not exceed (6).
  • The time period for implementing the proposed activities must not exceed 12 months.
  • Activities in Sudan must be carried out within the following states: Kassala, Khartoum, North Kordofan, Darfur, River Nile, and the northern states of Port Sudan, Blue Nile, and Kosti.
Eligibility Criteria
  • The organization must:
    • Be officially registered in Sudan as a non-profit civil society organization and allowed to practice its activities.
    • Have experience in implementing similar activities for at least two years.
    • Have clear, demonstrable experience in the required field.
    • Be able to provide monthly reports on work progress.
    • Be able to provide transparent financial reports every three months.
    • Commit to documenting all cases for which the service is provided, with photographs.
    • Adhere to standards of confidentiality and privacy in dealing with cases.

For more information, visit Penal Reform International.

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