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Call for Applications: ProVeg Grants Program

Call for Applications: ProVeg Grants Program

ProVeg International is offering expertise and support to high-potential organisations that are focused on transforming the food system.

ProVeg Grants provides funding to diet-change organisations and projects that align with ProVeg‘s mission to reduce the global consumption of animals by 50% by the year 2040.The ProVeg Grants program is accelerating the transformation of their food system by providing support for organisations involved in this vital work. Since 2019, ProVeg International has provided more than 500 grants to organisations and individuals in over 70 countries. They provide both financial support and assistance with capacity-building.

  • $5,000–$50,000 per year
    • ProVeg Grants offers financial support of between $5,000 and $50,000 per year. While they would love to fund all of the high-quality proposals that they receive, unfortunately their grants funds are limited and, as such, not all applications will be awarded. In all cases, the awarding of grants is at the sole discretion of ProVeg International.
    Access to more than 200 experts
    • ProVeg Grantees receive access to our network of more than 200 experts who work in the food-system-transformation space.
    One-on-one consultations
    • They provide one-on-one consultations with grantees, providing advice about organisational structure, strategy, impact initiatives, and other key facets of their work.
    Resources and support
    • They provide numerous other resources, in the form of reports, research, webinars, and events throughout the year.
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants must be individuals or organisations focused on food-system transformation, and looking to implement one or more of the following interventions:
    • Schools & University Engagement
      • Reaching young people at an early age, either through making their meals more plant-friendly, or educating them directly on the benefits of plant-based diets.
      Influencing Dietary Guidelines
      • Encouraging decision makers to provide dietary recommendations that cover the broad spectrum of plant-based diets and help to meet health and climate goals.
      Healthcare Interventions
      • Engaging with healthcare professionals to implement plant-based nutrition in healthcare.
      Food Industry Events
      • Accelerating and empowering innovative food technologies by bringing together key stakeholders in industry-oriented events.
      Corporate Engagement
      • Working with businesses, decision makers, and institutions to develop, provide, and promote healthy, compassionate, and sustainable plant-based options.
      Corporate Rankings
      • Campaigning using rankings in order to raise public awareness about companies’ plant-based products.
      • The V-Label is an internationally recognised, registered seal for labelling vegan and vegetarian products, and a trusted resource for consumers. By becoming a regional V-Label partner, you can bring in steady, reliable revenue, as well as providing a useful tool for connecting with and supporting plant-based businesses.
      Labelling Restrictions
      • Campaigning against labelling restrictions.
      Political Outreach
      • Working with governmental and intergovernmental agencies, NGOs, and researchers to create plant-forward policies and practices.
      Movement Building
      • Working to support other NGOs, alliances, advocacy groups, and communities in relation to food-system transformation.
      Challenge Campaigns
      • Supporting individuals or teams to reduce their consumption of animal-based products through fun and engaging challenges.
      Veg Festivals
      • Inspiring and educating the general public to adopt a vegan lifestyle through in-person events.
      Public Outreach & Social Media
      • Providing inspiration and support to help reduce and eliminate animal-based products from people’s diets.
    Other Criteria
    • They prioritise proposals from outside the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Czechia, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Belgium, Nigeria, Malaysia, and the United States.They do not support individuals and organisations who conduct work to improve the welfare and conditions of farmed animals.They prioritise organisations that are led by and meaningfully employ women, people of colour, and other marginalised people.Grantees must align with the ProVeg Grants programme’s safe-space and respectful-workplace values.
  • Ineligible
  • Animal welfare reforms or welfare campaignsAnimal farming or other animal useProjects that use animal-based products (animal-based food, leather, etc.)Projects or organisations that benefit, support, or are impartial to animal farming or other exploitation of animalsFor-profit companiesFood banks, hunger relief, or food expensesGardening projectsBook productionAnimal rescue or carePolitical parties or candidate endorsementLegal defenseProtests, demonstrations, or vigilsTuition, student researchWork within the United States or international chapters of US organisations
  • For more information, visit ProVeg International.

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