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Call for Applications: Institutional Grants (Kosovo)

Call for Applications: Institutional Grants (Kosovo)

Deadline: 15-Jul-24

KCSF is inviting applications for the Institutional Grants under Joint Action Commitment (EJA Kosovo) Program.

Institutional grants are designed to support the implementation of organizational strategies while simultaneously strengthening internal capacities, enabling organizations to represent the interests of citizens in their respective thematic areas. These grants provide financial support to organizations recognized as agents of change, enabling them to respond immediately to important societal developments within their areas of expertise. Additionally, institutional grants provide flexibility to address problematic issues as they arise.

The Joint Action Commitment (EJA Kosovo) is a KCSF program that supports civil society initiatives through grants and capacity building, with the overall aim of making a significant contribution to the democratic and socio-economic development of Kosovo. Established as a pooled funding mechanism, EJA Kosovo is currently co-financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Sweden.

By prioritizing the engagement and participation of citizens in the work of civil society, EJA Kosovo aims to contribute towards two main objectives (a) increasing the engagement of citizens in public life through advocacy with the participation of civil society and (b) enables CSOs to strengthen their relations with their citizens and improve their organizational capacities.

EJA Kosovo is based on the premise that through adapted systems of inclusiveness, transparency and accountability on the one hand, and better access and communication with the community, on the other hand, CSOs, involving citizens in their work, can build stronger and more engaged support base. This strengthens their citizens and enables them to better represent the needs and concerns of the community. Together with better internal governance, transparency and citizen engagement, this will contribute to increasing public trust in CSOs. Citizens see them as legitimate and effective platforms for raising concerns and advocating for change.

Funding Information

  • The maximum budget requested for funding from this call must not exceed 40,000 euros/year (including audit).
  • Organizations can apply for funding for a minimum period of 24 months and a maximum of 36 months.
  • Organizations may submit only one application to this Call for Proposals.

Areas of intervention and target population

  • EJA Kosovo focuses on the contribution of civil society in the drafting of policies, emphasizing the integration of citizens in advocacy efforts and the creation of spaces and practices for citizen engagement. The program aims to increase citizen participation in public policy processes at all levels, with priority areas including the participation of women and marginalized groups, improving socioeconomic and cultural rights, strengthening the supervisory role of civil society, youth empowerment in policy processes and civic education for human rights. The program emphasizes watchdog activities, monitoring policy implementation and addressing controversial topics, such as environmental issues and representation of marginalized groups.
  • EJA Kosovo pledges to support initiatives focused on addressing the rights and needs of marginalized groups. This includes women, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities: Roma, Ashkali, Egyptians, Serbs, the LGBTI community, the elderly and the young.

Level of intervention and geographical coverage

  • Through this call, support will be offered to NGOs throughout Kosovo that aim to bring about transformations at the local/municipal and/or national/central level. In particular, at least 30 percent of the beneficiaries of institutional grants will be organizations based and operating outside of Pristina.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible to apply, applying organizations must meet the following criteria:
    • To be a local non-governmental organization registered under the law in force in Kosovo (branches of foreign and international NGOs registered in Kosovo are not eligible for application);
    • To be directly responsible for the management of the grant;
    • Demonstrate capacity for managing the proposed strategy/program retail;
    • To demonstrate a positive trend of development both in terms of internal capacities and for the program strategy, according to the goals and objectives of the previous institutional support (for previous beneficiaries of Institutional Grants from the KCSF);
    • It is not directed or managed by Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs);
    • Accepts and undertakes to adhere to the Core Values for EJA2 grant beneficiaries;
    • It should not be supported by an institutional/fundamental grant from Sida during the period that requires support from EJA Kosovo.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
    • Applicants must demonstrate that their commitment is within the scope of democratization and eligible program areas. Regardless of their legal status, not all NGOs are included in the above eligibility criteria due to the broad scope of the legislation in force for the registration of NGOs in Kosovo. Sports clubs, sports federations, amateur cultural associations or religious organizations that are registered as NGOs do not qualify for KCSF grants. Similarly, NGOs representing businesses or similar entities with clear financial capacity to cover their organization’s expenses or sustain their activities are not eligible for KCSF grants.


  • The following activities will not be supported:
    • Interventions that are directly related to or are supportive of political parties or candidates for political elections;
    • Interventions that are contrary to the basic values for EJA grant beneficiaries;
    • Capital investments;
    • Grants consisting entirely or mainly of preparatory work and/or studies;
    • Cross-border projects and activities;
    • Activities that will be implemented outside of Kosovo (except meetings with partner organizations or networks for the purpose of cooperation and exchange of experiences);
    • Service-type activities, such as those similar to Technical Assistance.

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