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Call for Applications: Grassroots Grants Program (Australia)

Call for Applications: Grassroots Grants Program (Australia)

Deadline: 29-Apr-24

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board is seeking applications for Grassroots Grants program in Australia to support individuals, volunteers, community organisations and other bodies working at the local level on a not-for-profit basis, with local landscape management projects or events focusing on at least one of the regional priorities of water, sustainable agriculture, pest plants and animals, biodiversity and community.

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The fund makes grants available to undertake natural resources management activities that help to achieve environmental benefits at the local level. Consideration for funding will be made for a broad range of sustainable land management and environment protection projects that address both emerging and continuing priority issues across the region.

 Priorities Areas
  • Eligible projects will contribute to one or more of the priorities of the Eyre Peninsula Regional Landscape Plan, which are:
    • Water: water allocation planning and water affecting activities.
    • Sustainable agriculture: protecting the region’s soils and facilitating regenerative land management to improve soil health.
    • Pest plants and animals: supporting landowners to undertake priority pest plant and animal activities and reducing threats from impact-causing native species.
    • Biodiversity: protecting and restoring priority coastal and in-land biodiversity.
    • Community: community including Aboriginal peoples, actively engaged in landscape.
Funding Information
  • This year the total pool of funding has been increased to $112,000 (GST exclusive).
  • Funding is available across two funding streams:
    • Small Community Grants for up to $5,000 (GST exclusive)
    • Large Community Grants for up to $15,000 (GST exclusive)
  • Projects must be completed and fully acquitted by 15 June 2025. Where a six month extension has been requested and granted, projects must be fully acquitted by 15 December 2025. No other extensions will be available.
Ineligible Activities and Items 
  • For the purpose of assessing a project proposal, ineligible activities and items include but are not limited to:
    • establishment of new production sites or facilities;
    • activities causing or with the potential to cause environmental damage, either directly or indirectly;
    • preparation of the original grant application; and
    • routine administration expenses including but not limited to accommodation, office computing facilities, insurance, legal and accounting fees and bank charges.
Eligibility Criteria 
  • To be eligible the applicants will need to:
    • be an individual, volunteer, community organisation, farming group or other working body (e.g. local government association);
    • be undertaking natural resources management activities that help to achieve environmental benefits at the local level (e.g. pest plant or animal control, re-vegetation, erosion control, community engagement etc.
    • be a legal entity or be sponsored by a legal entity;
    • have the agreement of any partner and/or sponsoring organisation to submit the proposal, and provide a letter of support with the application form; ensure that proposed project activities are not a component of any other funding agreement;
    • ensure that written approval for any works undertaken on land owned by another person/entity other than the applicant, is attached to the application; or
    • be undertaking project activities within the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board region.

For more information, visit Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board.

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