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Call for Applications: ARROW Advocacy Institute (AAI)

Call for Applications: ARROW Advocacy Institute (AAI)

Deadline: 14-Mar-21

The ARROW Advocacy Institute is calling applications for young people in South East Asia.

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The Institute will be participatory in nature and resource people will employ a variety of teaching methods. Readings related to sessions may be assigned in advance.

The ARROW Advocacy Institute (AAI) is designed for advocates of human rights, gender equality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). It aims to:

Youth Initiative to enhance Peace and Security and Improve Democratic Governance in Africa

NGO Grants to advance Maternal, Child Health and HIV/AIDS Outcomes

Faith-based Foundation Funding for Construction Projects and Purchase of Books, Computers, Vehicles and Medical Equipment

Human Rights Grant Oppportunity ($200,000 CAD and $500,000 CAD) for LGBTQ2I Communities

International Funding for Cultural Heritage Preservation Projects

Small Grants to conserve the Forest for Sustainable Development

Joint Call for addressing Human Rights Issues and promoting Peace

Funding Call for NGO Projects that strive to make a Social Impact

Turn your Environmental Project Idea into a Reality with up to €10.000 Grants: Apply Now

Turn your Environmental Project Idea into a Reality with up to €10.000 Grants: Apply Now

USD 1 MILLION Grants for Innovative Solutions to combat Water Scarcity

Climate Fund to alleviate energy poverty in Developing Countries

This Request for Applications is open to strengthening the Economic Development Efforts

Grants for African CSOs to implement activities in SGBV, SRHR, HP, and VAWG

Small Research Grants for the improvement of education

Create an innovative space where young people can debate, discuss, and connect the SRHR concept to realities.
Build the capacity of young people from Southeast Asia, especially in understanding the intersectional axes of SRHR with sexuality, trade, migration, conflict, climate change, food security and sovereignty, fundamentalisms, disability and the need for advocacy using a more integrated approach.
Enable a common understanding of significant issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights that pertain to women and young people in the South East Asia region
Course Content

Movements (social justice, environment, women’s movement, democracy, sexuality) in the southeast Asian countries; what this means for geopolitics
Gender wars, sexuality, and digital spaces
Trade and economic policy, migration, labor, conflict-related migration
Environmental justice, climate change, food security and poverty
Fundamentalisms and rising intolerance
Eligibility Criteria

In 2021, the AAI will focus on youth from South East Asia countries. You are eligible to apply if you are from one of these countries; Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.
Applicants must be between the ages of 19 to 35 years.
Applicants must be working with civil society organizations.
Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience working in the area of SRHR/gender/sexuality at a community or national or regional level.
Applicants must be able to communicate in written and spoken English.
For more information, visit https://arrow.org.my/call-for-applications-arrow-advocacy-institute-aai/

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