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California Community Foundation: Housing Opportunities for Los Angeles

California Community Foundation: Housing Opportunities for Los Angeles

Deadline: 22-Jan-21

The California Community Foundation (CCF) is seeking applications for its Housing Opportunities for Los Angeles (Hola) to help local nonprofit affordable and supportive housing providers increase their capacity to create more affordable housing and to enhance the region’s existing supply of affordable housing with new investments that promote better health outcomes and economic opportunity for residents.

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An important part of CCF’s work to strengthen communities is to address the region’s structural housing inequities that perpetuate housing insecurity and homelessness for marginalized communities. Los Angeles is one of the most expensive housing markets in the country, and low-income communities and people of color have disproportionate rates of overcrowding, substandard housing, and excessive cost burdens.

Funding Information

CCF will award eight one-year grants for a combined total of $600,000 (additional funding may become available).

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Core Operating Grants: This funding will support activities that expand the organization’s capacity to increase the supply of affordable housing for low-income households (including people experiencing homelessness) that are internal to the applicant’s organization or external, like pre-development activities. Applicants for these funds must agree to work on at least one of the following goals with this core-operating support grant:
Goal 1: Identify and implement organizational changes to better position the organization to increase its development pipeline.
Goal 2: Conduct analyses for the potential use of new planning incentives and financial products to maximize the use of new development sites.
Goal 3: Develop and pilot scalable, innovative solutions that reduce the cost of development, and project timelines.
Goal 4: Predevelopment costs for new construction, adaptive reuse, or conversion of market-rate housing into affordable housing.
Goal 5: To help the applicant be more responsive to the community’s urgent calls for racial equity in the housing industry, fund diversity and inclusion efforts for the organization, and/or other strategies to identify and include black-ran/black-led organizations working with historically marginalized communities within its workforce, third-party vendor services and construction/supplier contracts.
Project Support Grants: This funding will support existing housing developments by creating or enhancing economic opportunity, educational or health services for residents. Applicants will have to demonstrate their commitment to advance at least one of the following goals with these grant funds:
Goal 1: Food Security. For example, through services that helps residents enroll in the CalFresh Program; or the creation of community gardens.
Goal 2: Health Equity. For example, through services that helps residents enroll in Medi-Cal; or improvements to buildings that promote better health outcomes for residents.
Goal 3: Wealth Generation. For example, the creation of Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) for residents.
Goal 4: Economic Opportunity. For example, support for local, small businesses/entrepreneurs in nonresidential portions of affordable housing developments; or educational/workforce services for residents.
Eligibility Criteria

For both Funding Opportunities:
The applicant must have a qualifying 501(c)(3) designation or a fiscal sponsor with a 501(c)(3) designation.
Activities funded by this grant opportunity must occur within Los Angeles County.
Additional Requirements for Core Operating Grants:
Applicant must be headquartered (and have a majority of operations) in Los Angeles County.
The applicant cannot have a core-operating support grant of more than $25,000 from CCF active for the years 2020-2022.
For more information, visit https://www.calfund.org/nonprofits/open-grants/hola/

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