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BGFA launches Call for Proposals (Burkina Faso, Liberia and Zambia)

BGFA launches Call for Proposals (Burkina Faso, Liberia and Zambia)

Deadline: 30-Oct-20

The Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa (BGFA) has launched new Call for Proposals (BGFA1) – Funding Rounds – inviting off-grid energy companies to compete for BGFA funding for expansion into targeted Sub-Saharan African countries.

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The aim is to stimulate new sustainable business models which incentivise and accelerate the private sector to offer affordable and clean off-grid energy access at scale in Burkina Faso, Liberia and Zambia.

BGFA supports the provision of modern, clean, affordable and sustainable off-grid energy services to underserved customers in rural and peri-urban areas. To incentivise off-grid energy companies to grow, expand and scale-up in challenging markets and areas, they offer results-based financing to private energy companies who have a track record of successfully serving customers with sustainable energy.

Funding Information

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Burkina Faso
Funding Lot #1: Up to EUR 6.7 million (Standalone)
Funding Lot #2: Up to EUR 4.2 million (Standalone)
Funding Lot #3: Up to EUR 2.5 million (Mini-/Micro-grids)
Funding Lot #4: Up to EUR 5.2 million (Standalone)
Funding Lot #5: Up to EUR 6.6 million (Mini-/Micro-grids)
Funding Lot #6: Up to EUR 5.2 million (Standalone).
Project Implementation

BGFA is split into three different Country Programmes, one for each of the three target countries: Burkina Faso, Liberia and Zambia. Project implementation under these three Country Programmes is expected to start in 2021 and end in 2025.

Country Programme – Burkina Faso: The Burkina Faso Country Programme includes a single LS Funding Window with a Standalone Funding Lot (Funding Lot #1). This Funding Lot is earmarked for Standalone systems, including SHS, clean cooking solutions and systems for production applications, as well as Nano-grids operating on a rent-to-own/consume to-own model. Modular technologies that can easily be transported are preferred.
Country Programme – Liberia: Given the early stage of the energy services market in Liberia, this Country Programme includes a single LS Funding Window with two Funding Lots (Funding Lots #2 and 3). Funding Lot #2 is earmarked for incentivising ESPs to provide Standalone systems. Funding Lot #3 is aimed at supporting Mini-/Micro-grid projects.
Country Programme – Zambia: Given the more advanced stage of the off-grid energy market in Zambia and positive market developments already achieved through the BGFA pilot programme, this Country Programme includes both an LS Funding Window and a DS Funding Window. The LS Funding Window is divided into two Funding Lots (Funding Lot #4 and 5). Funding Lot #4 is focused on supporting ESPs’ sale of Standalone systems to low-income customers and customers in remote areas. Funding Lot #5 is aimed at supporting ESPs’ sale of energy services deployed through Mini- and Micro-grids.
Eligibility Criteria

Deadline Free Grants
Projects should be implemented in either Burkina Faso, Liberia and/or Zambia.
Applicants (i.e. single ESP companies applying for BGFA1 funding) or Lead Applicants (i.e. ESP companies, applying for funding on behalf of a Project Consortium) should be for-profit companies.
Applicants/Lead Applicants should be legally incorporated and included in the register of for-profit companies in the Project Country or commit to being incorporated and registered as such before signing a possible contract.
Applicants/Lead Applicants for BGFA should be in compliance with all tax, regulatory and legal frameworks in both their home country and the Project Country (if different).
Applicants/Lead Applicants are allowed to include non-profit entities, public institutions, community-based organisations or other non-commercial entities to take part in the project implementation as a Significant Sub-Contractor, a Project Partner or a Consortium Member.
For more information, visit https://beyondthegrid.africa/funding-rounds/

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