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Bank of Ireland: Together Arts Fund supporting Artists

Bank of Ireland: Together Arts Fund supporting Artists

Deadline: 23-Jun-21

The second round of the Bank of Ireland, in partnership with Business to Arts, is seeking applications for its Together Arts Fund to support or commission artists and arts organizations to develop art projects that engage the individuals, audiences and communities involved.

With this second round, Bank of Ireland and Business to Arts are encouraging more applications from artists who specialize in fine-art film and craft-related disciplines and from community arts organizations, which were under-represented in round one.

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Applicants can request funds between €3,000 – €10,000 / (STG equivalent).
Average grants will be €5,000 / (STG equivalent), with maximum grants of €10,000 / (STG equivalent).
Artwork(s) / arts project(s) with larger budgets that have secured funds elsewhere are encouraged to apply.
With each grant round the Fund aims to provide funding to an artwork / art project in each county on the island of Ireland.
What will the fund support?

The Fund will support:

Existing artwork(s) / arts project(s) that have been adapted due to COVID-19
New artwork(s) / arts project(s) that have been inspired by / respond to COVID-19
Applications that are delivered by or involve professional artists. A professional artist is defined as an artist who:
has specialized training in the artistic field (not necessarily in academic institutions)
is recognized as a professional by their peers (artists working in the same artistic tradition)
is committed to devoting more time to artistic activity, if possible financially
may have a history of public presentation or publication
Applications that involve a partner organisation (e.g. a venue or event, arts organisation, community/voluntary organisation or another funding agency/organisation)
Applications that demonstrate audience or community engagement
Applications that have appropriate fees for the professional artists involved
Applications that aim to engage with an audience or participants
Applications that involve projects that will take place between December 2021 and December 2022

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The creation, enjoyment and engagement with arts and culture has been particularly challenging throughout COVID-19. As they continue to live through the pandemic and look forward to a time when society will reopen, they are seeking to fund artwork(s) / art project(s) that align with one of these two criteria:

have been adapted due to COVID-19 (criteria one)
For example, this may include projects that require funding to help with the costs, equipment or expertise related to:
technology and distribution of artwork(s) / arts project(s) online (e.g. professional filming, equipment, and skills required)
adapting venues, exhibition spaces or spaces for performances for sociallydistant audiences etc.
adapting models for the delivery of learning and public engagement programmes to reach their audiences
adapting artwork(s) / arts project(s) so they can be realised in the public realm or outdoors
are inspired by/respond to COVID-19 (criteria two)
With this criteria, they are seeking to support the creation of new artwork(s) / arts project(s) based on themes, narratives, or ideas which have been prompted due to living through the pandemic and their current environment. For example, this may include helping to realise new artwork(s) / arts project(s) created specifically:
for digital and online audiences
for the public realm or outdoors
hybrid models of delivery (e.g. online and in-venue)
to respond to themes of people impacted by COVID-19, lockdown, reopening of society, etc.
Eligibility Criteria

Applications to the Bank of Ireland Begin Together Arts Fund in partnership with Business to Arts (The Fund) can be from any art form
Only applications with projects occurring on the island of Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) are eligible. Applicants must select the county where the project takes place or has the greatest impact (e.g. applicant’s county of residence, county where the artwork / project will take place, or the county most relevant to the project)
Projects with a global audience are eligible, provided that the majority of the project team (artists / partner organization / project participants) are based on the island of Ireland
Applicants must be aged 18 or older. Audiences / participants can be any age
Applications must involve an artist or a group of artists working with a partner organisation (e.g. a venue or event, arts organisation, community organisation or another funding agency)
An application can be submitted by either the artist or the partner organisation, provided there is a commitment to the project from the other partner
Within the application the artist and partner organisation must agree to a statement of commitment to the project. If a project is selected for funding, at that point the artist and partner organisation will be required to submit a signed letter of commitment
Only one application can be submitted by an individual artist, but an artist can be associated with a second application if they are part of a group of artists / collective. An artist associated with more than two applications is subject to disqualification
Partner organisations are permitted to submit a maximum of one application. A partner organisation associated with more than one application is subject to disqualification
Applications that involve working with vulnerable audiences/participants must have up-to-date Garda vetting / valid AccessNI certificate
Appropriate public liability insurance (and any other insurance required) must be secured
Grants made to successful applicants will be paid to the lead applicant, who must have a bank account in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.
For more information, visit https://www.businesstoarts.ie/artsfund/bank-of-ireland/

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