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Australian Embassy in Mongolia seeking Applications for Direct Aid Program

Australian Embassy in Mongolia seeking Applications for Direct Aid Program

Deadline: 20-Oct-20

The Australian Embassy is inviting interested organizations to submit applications for grants under the Direct Aid Program (DAP).

Seed Grants
DAP is a flexible small grants program funded from Australia’s aid budget. The Mongolia DAP aligns with the overall purpose of Australia’s aid program to contribute towards economic growth and poverty reduction.

In 2020-21, the Mongolia DAP will aim to fund projects that support the aid program and economic diplomacy objectives of the Embassy and address issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Priority Areas

The following are priority sectors:

Health – focusing on rural and community health, combating communicable diseases, cancer, emergency and distance medicine, medical services for the disadvantaged a pandemic preparedness, and Mongolian responses to COVID-19.
Human Rights – focusing on disability inclusiveness, empowering the disadvantaged and minorities, youth empowerment, and eliminating discrimination.
Disaster prevention and response – activities that focus on building the capacity of Mongolia to prepare for and respond to wildfires and other natural disasters.
Ending domestic violence, protecting women and children.
Education – focusing on access for people with disabilities, disadvantaged adults and children, and children with special needs.
Youth for development – focusing on promoting social inclusion.
Funding Information

Proposal budgets cannot exceed a maximum of AUD 30,000 and cannot exceed a one-year duration.
Eligibility Criteria

Applications will be considered from local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), national and local government agencies, and other not-for-profit organizations.
All applications must demonstrate that they are not-for-profit.
Applications from individuals will not be considered.
Microcredit schemes, purchase of land and vehicles, recurrent costs including staff salary and non-related administrative expenses, commercial ventures, and activities with direct support from the government (noting exceptions above) are not eligible for DAP funding.
How to apply

Applications in English must be submitted by 17:30 on 20 October 2020 by completing an online application through the link provided on their website.
The Embassy will contact successful applicants only. DAP results will be available on the Embassy website following completion of the selection process.
Past Projects
Projects selected in 2019-2020

Nine organizations received Direct Aid Program Funding for FY 2019-20
Thank you for all who have applied for funding support of 2019-2020 Direct Aid Program Funding support. They have received 111 applications in total. It has been highly competitive, and they thank all of those that argued passionately for their projects. their congratulations to the successful applicants. They are listed below:
Integration and rehabilitation of children with disabilities through sports by the Mongolian Para Boccia Federation
The project will empower children with cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy across the country through regional awareness-raising activities, participation in national competitions and tournaments, and in-country training workshops on Boccia sports. The project activities will reach an estimated 5241 children from Ulaanbaatar and the provinces.
Economic empowerment of women through green use promotion by Special Centre for Social Protection under City Mayor Office
The project will help extremely poor and homeless women and men in Ulaanbaatar to earn income. The Special Centre for Social Protection will organize skills training to produce and sell cotton bags to replace plastic bags as a part of Mongolia’s policy to promote eco-friendly production and consumption.
Improving the Livelihood of the Rural Vulnerable Families through Developing Hydroponic Advanced Technology by Bridge of Health Development NGO
The project will help rural households in Batsumber Soum, Tuv Province to increase income opportunities through piloting a fodder greenhouse farm with advanced hydroponic technology and advocating for using the technology across the soum and nearby areas.
Sergelt Mobile Drop-in Centre by Good Neighbour Society
The project will help support homeless and people facing addiction in Ulaanbaatar to access recovery and rehabilitation, social reintegration programs.
Strengthening Call-Recall System of Cancer Screening
The project will help the National Cancer Centre improve its screening and register system to enable patients access to services faster and improve monitoring of their condition.
Sewing Up Mongolia by Family Agricultural Resources Mongolia
The project will support poor rural women in Uvurkhangai Province to generate job and income opportunities through engaging in an eco-business. They will set up a small scale sewing business to make finished products from recycled waste. The project will also support them to market and sell their eco products.
Protection Service in Bulgan soum, Bulgan province
The project will help the province to effectively protect and prevent domestic violence in Bulgan Soum by providing awareness-raising activities and training and establishing a shelter for victims of domestic violence, women, and children.
Vocational Training Space for Boys in Prison by Christina Noble Children Foundation
The project will help children in prison and provide social integration through access to improved vocational skills learning environment and training courses.
Strengthening Acute Medical Care through Capacity Building in Tsogtstsetsii intersoum hospital and RDTC in Dalanzadgad by MDG 1 Collaborating Centre for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care at MNUMS
The project will help improve the skills and quality of health services at the soums in Umnugovi province through ‘on the job’ place training and medical instrument supplies. The best doctors from Ulaanbaatar will visit the soum hospitals to perform surgery and train local doctors and nurses and provide medical guidelines and handbooks.
For more information, visit https://mongolia.embassy.gov.au/ulnb/DAP.htm

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