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Australian Communities Foundation seeking Applications for Goulburn Valley Medical Workforce Fund

Australian Communities Foundation seeking Applications for Goulburn Valley Medical Workforce Fund

Deadline: 25-Sep-20

The Australian Communities Foundation is seeking applications for its sub-fund entitled Goulburn Valley Medical Workforce (GVMW) Fund that aims to improve the health of the Goulburn Valley community through workforce capacity and development.

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The Fund will achieve this purpose principally by providing scholarships and making grants to organisations delivering recognised courses to general practitioners.

COVID-19 and associated restrictions have significantly changed how to access primary care services, which in turn may have short and long term consequences for prevention, diagnosis, and management of chronic diseases.


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All submissions should address these learning objectives:

How to engage remotely yet meaningfully with the person living with complex diseases
How to engage with the wider care team
Effective systems to support practitioners and the client
Ways to configure the care team and allocate roles to make it effective and efficient
Appropriate billing arrangements
Funding Information

GVMW Fund is offering grants totaling $50,000 to organisations able to deliver training courses for general practice teams to develop effective and efficient remote complex chronic disease management approaches.
Eligibility Criteria

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To be eligible to be considered for a grant, organisations must:

Be recognised as a general practitioner skills training organisation
Be able to effectively provide training in the Goulburn Valley
Provide demonstrated evidence of successful training programs
Provide evidence that the training to be provided is a recognised need of local general practitioners
For more information, visit https://communityfoundation.org.au/support/gvmw

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