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Arts, Humanities & Historic Preservation (AHHP) Grants Program (US)

Arts, Humanities & Historic Preservation (AHHP) Grants Program (US)

Deadline: 22-Jan-21

Arts, Humanities and Historic Preservation (AHHP) grant funds are available for community organizations and local governments seeking supplementary funds for local arts, humanities, and historic preservation projects.

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The Committee supports public participation in local art, history, and humanities-related activities through ongoing programs and the issuance of grant awards. The Committee is composed of five elected county supervisors and one citizen member. It is responsible for establishing policies and programs as well as general oversight of all county activities relating to artistic, cultural, or historic preservation endeavours.

Eligible projects in the arts include public exhibitions, performances, publications, lectures and video, film or slide documentaries. These activities may encompass dance, theater, music, architecture, folk arts, literary arts, and visual arts. Humanities and historic preservation projects involve branches of learning that deal with human thought and culture, excluding the sciences. They include but are not limited to history, languages, literature, poetry, and philosophy.

Funding Information

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Awards may not exceed $5,000.
Eligibility Criteria

Applicant organizations must hold federal tax-exempt status. This includes organizations exempted under Section 501(c) 3 of the internal revenue code, but other tax-exempt classifications may also apply. These include:

Nonprofit organizations, school districts, municipalities or local government agencies located in Sauk County.
Nonprofit organizations that plan to host their grant-funded event in Sauk County.
Individuals or groups of individuals seeking to apply must work with an existing nonprofit organization or local unit of government to develop their proposals.
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