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Apply to the 2nd Better Factory Open Call up to EUR 200,000 Funding

Apply to the 2nd Better Factory Open Call up to EUR 200,000 Funding

Deadline: 15-Nov-22

Open call for Better Factory to support pilot projects by teams composed of one manufacturing company, one artist, and one company supplying technology.

A total of 2 Open Calls will be launched to select the best 16 pilot projects, the so-called Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTEs) during the lifetime of the project.

The goal of the KTEs is to lead a diversification of the Manufacturing companies’ product portfolio with an aim to enhance their business models with customized and individualized products and new services around the products.

KTEs will prioritise the following sectors:
Plastic and Rubber
Furniture and Wood
Food and Agriculture
Metal and Machinery
Textile and Leather
Focus Areas
Collaborations between Manufacturing Companies, Artists, and Technology Suppliers can take on many forms and deliver a wide variety of outcomes. At a technical level, the focus will be to minimise the impact on production cost and to create more value by:
Reducing waste, energy and other production resources;
Optimising factory logistics;
Using robots to support workers;
Production preplanning and simulation.
Funding Information
Up to EUR 200,000 (total lump sum) will be distributed to each one of the selected KTEs, based upon the successful delivery of technical and business reports along with the 16-month experiment program. KTEs applications will have to be submitted by consortia composed of:
One Manufacturing company of Mid-Cap (up to EUR 50,000)
One Technology supplier (up to EUR 100,000)
One Artist (up to EUR 50,000)
What they Offer?
2 nd Better Factory Open Call for Full Proposals will enable:
Manufacturing companies to enter new markets or become more innovative and competitive on existing markets with customisable products or service portfolios.
Artists, with an industrial background, to create new business models for themselves and reach new prospective clients.
Technology suppliers to reach out to new potential customers and test technologies in real-life situations with low financial risk.
Eligibility Criteria
The KTEs have to be proposed by a consortium team, composed of the 3 following profiles:
One Manufacturing Company
One Artist
One Technology supplier.
For more information, visit https://betterfactory.eu/open-calls/


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